Wedding favors hints 2

Besides the sweet and romantic wedding favors there are some other ones that were left behind and need to be mentioned here. Let’s also mention that we simply can’t cover the big range of such products, because the list is quite big, but in the lines to come you’re definitely going to read about some great suggestions that will turn out to be useful when you decide to make a choice.

There are those everlasting favors that are definitely a gift and would be ideal to be kept somewhere in a nice spot of your guests’ home. Also, you can think of something useful, like objects that can be used for domestic things, like cookie cutters, bottle openers, glasses or different other objects that could serve as décor.

In order to obtain a favor that can be used a long period of time or will last for this long period we recommend you the variant with the flower bulbs, which are a symbol of growing love in the same time and would be a pleasant gift for the invited ones –the more the flower grows, the more they will going to remember your great day.

wedding favors hints 2

Now, another essential thing in seeing what kind of favors you should adopt is to decide in what season does your wedding takes place: if it takes place in spring you can apply for some flowers or chocolate eggs if the Easter’s nearby, if the period near Christmas is that in which your wedding takes place then you can certainly apply for some favors that have this holiday as main theme, if it’s next to Valentine’s Day then apply for the classical hearts or if Halloween is approaching then you can use some favors that have something spooky in them and funny in the same time.
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There are some guests that would love the idea of practical favors and if you consider that the majority of the attendants are in this way then here are our suggestions: some lottery tickets, some badges that fight for different humanitarian or non humanitarian causes or things like that. So how about it?

Some other great and neat suggestions that can serve as wedding favors are: small plants in pots, wine glasses with fine details on the, napkins with broche on, frames, pictures, different shaped rocks, or funny details, jars and so on…. These are only a small amount of examples concerning the wedding favors, we won’t present them again because these are examples pretty well known to you and we’re sure that you must have stumbled into these throughout the time.