10 ideas for wedding favors

The wedding reception should be arranged down to the tiniest detail and you should keep in mind that this place shouldn’t be composed only of the tables, the wedding flower arrangements, the cloths covering the tables and the dance floor. Besides these details you need to add some details that ought to complete the look of your wedding and in this manner the final visual effect is that of a complete wedding reception.
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The wedding favors shouldn’t be omitted from the things that you arrange for the big day. Not only do you have to make sure that the guests are pleased with what they receive, but in the same time you have to make sure that you pick them accordingly to the wedding theme.

For instance, if you take your wedding during the fall season, or even with a fall theme, then you should consider applying for some wedding favors that are specific to that particular season or confer that special air of autumn.


Candles are among the most popular wedding favors to be offered during the wedding reception. If you want ones that characterize this season totally, then consider ones that are realized in warm tones, like brown, and burnt orange or yellow.

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Wedding favors

Covered apples

You remember the sweet of your childhood? Well, now you totally need to take it into account in the big day. We are sure that your guests are going to appreciate you thinking of the early times and they will be more than pleased when they observe what you have prepared for them. The next thing that needs to be taken into account is the way in which you wrap the apples. They should be put individually and tied with the help of a ribbon, which matches the rest of the details, in such a manner as your guests being able to grab the apple without getting caramel on their clothes.

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Wedding favors

The maple syrup

The fall season is well expressed by the maple syrup for sure. Every time you hear of it, you will recall this wonderful period of the year. How about offering your guests mini bottles of maple syrup as a token of appreciation for their attendance in your big day? Besides the bottle, you can attach other details and accessories if you think a bottle isn’t enough.


Chocolate is between the most common “material” used in wedding favors. You can opt for shapes that are taken directly from the elements specific to this season: maple leaves, acorns, leaves in general. Place them in small boxes and offer them as small gifts with a “thank you” card attached.

Mix of apple cider

So, the packets of this mix seem to be a really good idea for wedding favors. You can buy these already packed, but you can make them with your own hands as well – not forgetting to take into account the cinnamon stirring sticks.

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Wedding favors

Apple sweets

When we say apple, certainly our mind goes towards this season. Apples can be used in different sweets and even meals. In this case, we refer using apple sweets as wedding favors – maybe a piece of apple pie or apple tart, placed in a beautiful box and offered to the ones attending your wedding as a token of appreciation.

Soaps with the shape of pumpkins

You can apply for some miniature pumpkins that are wonderfully made, exactly as to imitate the real pumpkins. For an extra interesting effect, we would like you to take into account these soaps with a special scent, probably one that recalls your guests of the autumn season.

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Wedding favors

Small packages of sunflower seeds

These seeds are both consumed for eating and for planting, they are a symbol of richness and we don’t see why you can’t employ them and use these as wedding favors.

Candy pecan

Imagine pecans wrapped in brown sugar! This is certainly something delicious that will make all your senses be mesmerized. This type of wedding favor is not going to be shared with the guests in small boxes as the others; you will have to ask the waiters to offer it at the end of the evening with mentioning that it’s a token of appreciation from your side.

Pumpkin pie

There’s a type of pie that is made in “mass” and by this we mean that it’s long and it can be cut into small portions. So, for this matter, we suggest it for being used as wedding favor. Place a slice in a box and offer it with the specific card to the guests.