Music inspired wedding favors

Whenever it comes to the wedding day you simply can’t stop in any moment of surprising your guests. Once you’ve chosen a wedding with musical theme you have to transmit this idea up to the tiniest detail. The wedding favors, as memory that you leave for your guests should resemble entirely your style. How? In a very simple manner. Here are some ideas….

If the theme is general, don’t omit each person’s personality and personalize the wedding favors accordingly to what is more representative for you.

music inspired wedding favors

For miniature lovers, there’s a large variety of musical instruments, made of wood, of silver or glass, which are going to express pretty much your message.

So, if you have a predilection for classical music, a violin or a piano is going to be perfect for this matter, if you’re a rock fan then a guitar is going to find its place for sure.
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Due to the fact that miniatures are really fragile they have to be concealed with attention into a box that is made of colored paper in the interior or with mini cases that are made exactly for their size.

A personalized disk with a song list would be a true wedding favor that is suitable indeed on your wedding theme. In order that guests recall its provenience, your picture has to be placed on the cover of the DVD or CD.

music inspired wedding favors 2

This picture can be especially made in an engagement party and it can be your favorite picture. In case one of you has the dedication from the musical domain, original would be to place on the disk songs from its repertoire.

Numerous musical objects can be considered wedding favors, in the measure in which these don’t occupy plenty of space. A harmonica, a whistle, a pair of castanets and many other such objects are going to be excellent wedding favors and really easy to buy.

In order to guarantee and satisfy the guests the instruments have to be placed in plastic boxes, which are transparent and tied with ribbons. Also, your initials can be engraved with ease on them.

If you like doing origami pieces or you had certain special talents concerning this “sport” you can do wedding favors of colored paper handmade….

music inspired wedding favors 3

In case you don’t consider yourself that handy you can search on the internet some clips that are going to show you down to the tiniest detail how you can realize a certain object. An accordion seems to be the handiest musical instrument that you can make in only some minutes.

In case you don’t have enough time for going for these small objects that are all about memories you should personalize them in a really interesting manner- through a tattoo. If you’re talented in painting and drawing you can realize these with your own hands in the colors specific of the musical genre that you’ve chosen.