Wedding card box

Among the multitude of wedding accessories that can be found in such a ceremony we could encounter the wedding card boxes. Of course, like the wedding cake or the different wedding arrangements you can apply for different shapes for your wedding card boxes and we’re going to share such suggestions to you, hoping to make your wedding planning and organization even easier….
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The first wedding card box that we’ve encountered is made like a chest box and it has a bow detail in the upper side. There’s the special place in which you can place the cards and it can be found in the middle and superior side of the wedding card box! This one is designed in a special way, in a cream tone nuance and it has nice applications on the margins.

From this treasure chest we go to another wedding card box that is designed kind of in a similar manner, it looks sassier from our perspective. So, you can observe how it’s designed in a light tone, with bow details on one side and on the superior side and there’s a special layer in which one places the cards. This is indeed a special looking wedding card box, not extraordinary looking, and meaning that you must have observed it in other weddings!

In case you’re looking for something really elegant and that will make the difference, an original idea like this one definitely seems to us the greatest option to take into account. We’re thinking of a wedding card box that looks like a bird cage with all the specific details: the metallic cage with the small door and in order to make it look even more interesting we were thinking of a ribbon attached all around this cage with a bow tied.

The other wedding card box that we were thinking to share with you consists of a square made one that has nice looking patterns on it. This cage is done with circular details and lines and you can observe on the superior side a bow detail made in the similar metallic material as the rest of the gift box – because we forgot to mention that this wedding card box takes the shape of a normal gift box.

Here’s a unique suggestion that we have to make to you concerning wedding gift boxes. We’re speaking about a metallic accessory like this one that is made in the shape and format of a chariot, one that is taken from fairytales like Cinderella.

So, this means that if you have a fairytale wedding theme you can definitely take into account applying for such a wedding card box!