Wedding favors with marine theme

In case you enjoy the sea, the ocean and you feel that a marine theme would be appropriate for your wedding day then it means that the topic that we’ve chosen to discuss is just right for you. This one speaks about marine wedding favors and you’re going to read some interesting examples here in case you want to be really different from the others and bring something new and special in that particular day.

So, we start with presenting you some neat looking candles that can definitely serve as wedding favors.

wedding favors with marine theme

These ones are made of blue wax and these are made in “stairs”. On every side of the “stairs” you can observe shells, stars and different marine themes that go really great. Usually, such a candle is placed in a plastic container, a transparent one that is wrapped with a blue ribbon. Indeed, some nice looking wedding favors and it would be a pity for you not to apply for these. But the examples just start!
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You can apply for a normal glass bottle and put some sand at its bottom with some shells and sea stars. Think of some thanking words and write them with your own hands on a papyrus, roll it and put it in the bottle. Find a cork for the bottle and place it in it. Also, you can add a ribbon with a small card on it and that’s it!

wedding favors with marine theme 2

A blue box filled with all kinds of stars, clams and shells made of plastic or porcelain would be also a great idea for a wedding favor with marine theme. The box can have the format of a normal gift box and on top you can place a ribbon with a bow and a “thank you” card. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

wedding favors with marine theme 3

You can apply for small blue frames with different marine themes on them on the margins and you can place the picture of the two of you in it. another thing is to add next to this frame a nice looking card with the same themes and with a ribbon on top and you can write in it all the things that you like, think of some sweet words that are exactly from the bottom of your heart.

wedding favors with marine theme 4

Some candle supports in shape of a sailing boat can also serve as wedding favors. These can be made of blue semi transparent glass and look quite interesting in the same time. We totally recommend these to you and we hope that you find them as special as we do.

wedding favors with marine theme 5