Special wedding favors

You know your friends pretty well and you know that they’re people that are into music and love listening to old and new music in the same time and this is why you can offer them a gorgeous gift exactly in the big day- a gift that is appropriate to their expectations.

Even some porcelain pieces would seem a gorgeous idea to be taken into account you want to get out of patterns with this gift of which your guests are going to fully enjoy. Share with them a thing that has something that recalls of music or packages from some famous concerts. Here are some of the most wanted places and gifts….

For those that have dance in their blood and music is a part of their life, offer them the possibility of living life without limits and at the most expected event of the year in Europe- Sensation White Amsterdam. The event placed together many concerts on the entire European continent, but that show that takes place on Amsterdam Arena from the capital of Holland is indeed big.

special wedding favors

If in the last year the theme has been The Ocean if White, this year it has been the Wicked Wonderland, in this way white has reigned for almost 10 hours. On the 3rd of July the most popular DJs have taken over the stage mixing continuous in a unique show with lasers and lights. The tickets are offered to be bought from the beginning of the year and they can be purchased in packages that include the transport and staying there as well and it has a starting price of 65 Euros- we’re speaking about the simple ticket.
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These can be considered as special wedding favors and it’s a pity if you don’t take them into account, because they’re good solutions in case you don’t have any idea in what concerns the purchase of gifts.

There’s also the New Year’s Eve party in Vienna…. With a tradition that dates from 1939, the Philharmonic concert from Vienna, Austria entertains people at the beginning of every year. The vast repertoire of Johann Strauss and his contemporary people is going to be followed in the next edition by Franz Welser-Most.

These concerts don’t enchant only the audience of the room, but it has also an amazing popularity, being filmed by over 50 big countries. Originally, the event takes place in a dark period of Austria’s dark past, offering hope for the people and it’s a wish for better days and moments.

special wedding favors 2

We would like you to take into account one of these locations so that you end up with a really great wedding favor for some of your closest friends- if you feel like offering them a smile on their face this is the moment for doing it.