Bridal shower wedding favors

The great idea about favors in general is that you can apply for multiple types of such accessories and they’re made in such a manner as to be used in the proper wedding ceremony or in other parties, like the wedding shower – as a token of appreciation for the people attending your ceremony.

We’ve taken into consideration several favors for which you can apply for and we think that you’re going to find them useful. There’s this first globe wedding favor for instance, or bridal shower favor that can be used both in both of the events. You can apply for one that is made with writing on it and in the same time you can make the writing with dedication, like in this case, the “matron of honor”.

bridal shower wedding favors

Another wedding accessory for which you can apply for consists of these cookie cutters that can be found in a set and they’re made in such a manner as to create an interesting visual effect.
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They’re done with a card on the lateral side and with a bow attached. We consider that this is a great wedding favor, both for women and for men as well.

bridal shower wedding favors 2

A bell can be sometimes the perfect wedding accessory or wedding favor for which you can apply for. This one is made in silver tone and you can be sure that your guests are going to enjoy the idea pretty much due to the fact that it’s a memorable object, one that will make your wedding or bridal shower be recalled by your guests.

bridal shower wedding favors 3

The other wedding favors that we want to offer you as suggestions consist of nice and small candles that are made in a warm tone and in a pleasant manner. They can be encountered in various colors, such as white, pink or blue and they smell marvelously.

bridal shower wedding favors 4

The classical small bags filled with bonbons will definitely remain in top! So, we’re speaking about transparent bags that are made with a bow detail or a flower detail and they’re filled with candy or any other small details made in pretty colors. No matter on which of these wedding favors you decide to apply for, make sure that you put your heart in doing it and by this we mean attaching a card to the wedding favor and placing a personal message.

bridal shower wedding favors 5

As you can observe, such wedding favors can be both used in the wedding ceremony as well as in the bridal shower, as long as you attach the right message. No matter on which of these wedding favors you decide to apply for, we’re sure that your guests are going to be pleased as long as you take into account the personal touch side.