Flowers for the winter bridal bouquet

There aren’t any restrictions in what concerns the winter weddings, although the palette of colors tends to be inclined in the favor of some colors like red, purple or dark green. If you choose the color of the flowers for the bridal bouquet you have to take into account the colors of the accessories and decorations.

Also, take into account the other wonders of nature during the winter season, like ice or snow. The winter bridal bouquets can have beautiful flowers, unusual instead of the traditional ones of roses.

flowers for the winter bridal bouquet

Picking the flowers for a winter wedding theme isn’t that difficult as it may seem, taking into account the availability of these flowers throughout the year. In addition, the bridal bouquets can be mixed with winter leaves, like the ivy ones or of oak, especially if we’re speaking about a Christmas wedding.
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The Christmas weddings can include some other green details, like the fir branches and mistletoe. Taking into account the association of the mistletoe with the Christmas kiss, it’s going to be an ideal pick for a romantic Christmas bouquet.

The magnolia is considered to be a flower that is used even from the Antiquity period, today being multiple species of magnolia. The magnolia is the official flower of the Louisiana and Mississippi states. This species of flowers is often used in bridal bouquets.

The magnolia is most common to be found in the South – East side of the United States. It’s in fact a tree with a height between 20 and 30 meters that has a green tone and green leaves all the time, with big flower buds and lemon smell. The flowers have 30 cm height, with petals between 6 and 12 when it comes to the number, this making the magnolia the perfect pick for a bridal bouquet. Even if the flowers appear at the end of spring, there are multiple types that are available throughout the winter.

The orchids are also some of the most popular flowers. They blossom throughout the winter season and they’re present in a big range of colors, which include pink, white, yellow, red cream and green. Although they’re native from Asia and North Australia, the orchids have been harvested for some period now and they became more popular during the kingdom of Queen Victoria.

flowers for the winter bridal bouquet 2

They’re between the little species of orchids that can live in cold temperatures, being considered one of the most popular species, due to their beauty and they’re a good choice for a winter bridal bouquet.

The snowdrop flowers have been the pick of Queen Victoria of England at her wedding in 1840 with the Prince Albert of Germany, especially due to the fact that these flowers were the favorite ones of Prince Albert!