Red Boutonniere on Lapel

Boutonniere Basics: How to Have Great-Looking Groomsman

Signal your VIP men with one of these “buttonholes” – yes, that’s what the word “boutonniere” means in French – and round out the style tradition of the day. No, you don’t have to play with petals just because it’s your wedding but if you’ve decided to use a floral nod then we’re showcasing some bouts of inspiration.

From the what is to the how – here is the straight up quick and dirty boutonniere basics. This is how you have great-looking groomsmen because details matter.

What is a Boutonniere?

First things first, what is a boutonniere?

Well, if you don’t know, boutonnieres are the groomsmen’s adornments.

They’re floral pieces that pinned to the lapel of the jacket coat or shirt pockets depending on the outfit chosen for the day’s events.

When you see a boutonniere making its rounds at the party, you know that it

How is it Worn?

Now that we know what it is, how exactly is it worn?

Well, it’ll take up space on the left lapel – pinned right under the widest part of the jacket’s design.

Don’t worry, if you’re nixing the jacket you can easily pin your design to a vest or shirt pocket.

Make sure to add two pins if you have a boutonniere that’s a bit heavy (bigger petals, berries, textural bits) and start from behind the fabric so the pins don’t actually show on the sides. Instead, you’ll just have amazing views of the boot itself!

What Are Some Boutonniere Examples?

There is a large variety of boutonnieres to choose from. Whimsy and light, traditional, textural, offbeat, or even lush, there are a lot of ways to personalize the boutonnieres for your big day.


White rose Boutonniere


A small bunch of baby’s breath or just a single, daisy, light designs are one of the most used around. They’re versatile and keep within the lines of any and all wedding themes.


Traditional Boutonniere


Traditional boutonnieres are crisp and exactly what you’d expect. A calla lily, roses, and a bit of baby’s breath to finish it all off, they never disappoint and evoke a sense of wedding day style that everyone enjoys.


Textural Boutonniere


Adding texture to the boutonniere can be really fun. Cotton, berries, or even some wheat, it’s a great way to pay homage to the current season.


Offbeat Boutonniere


You don’t even have to use florals if you don’t want to. Go with succulents, papers, or even fabric if you want something more offbeat.


Lush Boutonniere


And finally, lush boutonnieres are really trending right now. Big, voluminous petals and bouts of greenery, these are all the rage. They photograph beautifully as well!