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10 Quirky But Always Appreciated Groomsmen Gifts

When you want to say thanks to your groom squad in style, it’s not about how much you spend; it’s about finding a gift they’ll appreciate. The skill of thanking your loved ones is an essential element of wedding planning, and it shouldn’t be left to the last minute. Nonetheless, if you’ve never looked for groomsmen gift ideas before, it can be challenging to know where to begin. After all, a million gift ideas are floating around the internet. Fortunately, we’re experts at finding thoughtful and unique groomsmen gifts. Here are 10 quirky groomsmen gifts that are perfect for thanking them for being a part of your journey to the altar.

Choosing the groomsmen’s gifts should be stress-free and easy in the wedding chaos. So what should be the best gift for my groomsmen? What type of gift? We’ve curated a great list of unique groomsmen gift ideas.

Challenge Coin Bottle Opener

Challenge Coin Bottle Opener


The groomsmen gift for the groomsmen is a challenge coin bottle opener. A challenge coin is a tiny medallion or emblem that bears the logo or emblem of an organization. Giving a challenge coin signifies comradeship or solidarity and membership in a specific group and honors the activities of the people who receive it.

What an incredible gift idea for your best guys!

This is an excellent token of appreciation for everything they did for you through life, your big day, and all the years of friendship. Customize these coins according to your wish. You can have any memorable symbols engraved or grab them ready to deliver.

Wooden Whiskey Stones And Shot Glass Set

Personalized whiskey glass set with initials.

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Who doesn’t want to party at the wedding? A wooden whiskey glass set would be one of the best and most quirky gifts to make your groomsmen happy and excited. You can also get their names engraved on the wooden boxes to make them unique and beautiful.

Wooden boxes are always mystique. It’s like digging the hole for a hidden treasure chest or maybe a memory of someone’s dad’s old watches. This could be one of the best choices for the groomsmen’s gifts.

Customized Pocket Knives

Do you want a unique gift for your groomsmen? It’s completely reasonable to gift them something which makes them super excited and happy. Thanks to these beautiful customized pocket knives, we’re sure they’ll be grinning from ear to ear with excitement and appreciation.

You can gift these knives to your groomsmen. And engraving their names on the knife would immediately increase the value of the gift. In addition, these knives would be easy to handle and can be useful for multiple purposes.

Engraved Pocket Knife Groomsmen Gift Custom Knives With Box

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Engraved Leather Wallet

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The next quirky gift that would make your groomsmen super excited is leather wallets with their names on them. Every man needs a wallet, and most won’t splurge on it to get a really nice or personalized one. So, an engraved leather wallet with their initials, full name, or nickname is always a wonderful gift.

Anything with your name engraved on it looks more luxurious and would be appreciated by everyone. You can also include a lottery card and cash in the wallet to surprise them to add some excitement. And if you’re close to a casino, you could even include a few chips to hit the games.

Engraved Compass With Your Actual Handwriting

Personalized nautical compass for groomsmen gift

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Now, this one has to be one of our favorites! Out of all the quirky gifts for your groomsmen, the engraved compass with your actual handwriting will stand out out out of all the quirky gifts for your groomsmen. You can have a beautiful compass with your groomsmen’s names engraved on the top, and when they open it, there will be a heartfelt note in your actual handwriting, making it more special and unique for them.

The note could be anything like a token of love, appreciation for all the wedding preps, thanks for their years-long friendship, and much more! This would be the most heart-melting and quirky gift to your groomsmen.

Grill Tool Set


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The grill toolset is one of your groomsmen’s best and most quirky gift ideas. What else can bring you closer to your groomsmen than a beautiful night with some charcoal, meat, and hot sizzling grills?

You can make it more excited and quirky by engraving their names on the top of the boxes and your wedding date. In this way, they never forget your wedding date and your anniversary gifts (Clever!).

Vintage Whiskey Barrel – Made into a Watch

watch made from a vintage whisky barrel

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We’ve seen a lot of creative uses for whiskey barrel wood, but this one will stand the test of time. Reclaimed American oak bourbon barrel wood, mineral crystal glass, stainless steel, and quartz technology go into these ultra-cool watches. And when you wear it, you can even smell like whiskey, which is a fantastic alibi if your significant other asks, “Have you been drinking?”

Personalized Whiskey Flask

personalized whiskey flask for groomsmen

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FLASKENSTEIN? Come on, guys…what could be a more unique (and practical) groomsmen gift than this? Yes, it’s a quirky idea for a groomsmen’s gift, but it’s also super cool and shows that you put a lot of thought into it!  The thing that makes it extraordinary is the faces of your groomsmen printed on them in cartoon versions with their names. This could be the coolest gift for your groomsmen EVER!

Engraved Folding Pocket Comb

wooden Dangerous Man folding comb

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We know every man is so concerned and touchy about their hair. So gifting them the pocket comb with their name engraved on it would be most appreciated and valuable.

The folding comb is more pocket friendly as they can carry it with them anywhere. In this way, they can always have their hair to the point. This could be another quirky idea for the groomsmen’s gifts.

Engraved Watch Box

Gorgeous wooden watch box with engraving

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Keep your groomsmen organized by gifting them the most quirky and beautiful watch box. Watches are the essential accessories for men. So, giving them the watch box would be the best and most unique gift.

To make the watch box more personalized, you can also have their names engraved on the tray. In this way, the gift looks more concerned to them.

Other than you and your partner, groomsmen are the group of people who are much excited and always be there for your help in your wedding preps. Therefore, gifting them something that means a lot is the most valuable task.

The guys that have stuck by you through the ups, downs, failures, and successes deserve a unique gift that they will cherish. The roller coaster of life is wild, and having your guys in your corner makes it one heck of a ride.