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5 Fun, Unconventional Anniversary Gifts

Whether you’re searching the web for unique ideas to give your parents or you’re scouring for your significant other, there are plenty of ways to celebrate milestone anniversary in ways that aren’t necessarily traditional but still just as special. In fact, we believe going off the beaten path may even make it more memory-making. 

Today, we’re sharing some anniversary gifts that are ready to be purchased now or, at the very least, may spark some inspiration for the perfect find. These presents can sometimes be so hard to think up, think about, and find. And we’ve taken the pressure off with this quick and easy list of goods. 

#1: Celebrate Buzz Video Montage

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Have a lot of friends or family located in different cities or countries? Creating a wedding anniversary video montage is a very fun way to brighten someone’s day! Not only is this an amazing gift to have for the rest of the married couples’ lives – it’s also a beautiful way that they can share their big day with loved ones for years and anniversaries to come. 

What’s even more incredible about Celebrate Buzz, specifically, is that it’s a gift that can celebrate all of life’s major events. So, it will easily become a family favorite for milestones all throughout the years. They’re also incredibly affordable, easy to accomplish, and the most perfect surprise. 

#2 Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock 

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A hammock may not come to mind first when you’re thinking of anniversary gifts, but, if we really think about it, there’s so much romance and whimsy involved in the idea! It’s an affordable option, you can easily find it on Amazon, and it’s a memory-maker in and of itself. So many fall mornings and summer sunsets can be had relaxing hammock-side. 

#3 Songfinch Song

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Songfinch is a space where you can pair with professional songwriters to create a customized song for your significant other. It’s the most unique, personalized gift out there that will never lose its meaning or lose its luster. It’s not something that can be thrown away, lost, or broken. All you have to do is spend a bit of time “telling your story” through a series of prompts to get the process started. 

#4 Experiences 

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Museum memberships, dance classes, movie theatre subscriptions, any and all of these options could be the most welcomed of anniversary gifts. It’s a gift that continues to give and certainly gives the happy couple experiences to share together. You can even add in some food tasting to the inspiration list for our foodie loved ones. Check out different wine, chocolate, or even fun snack subscriptions. 

#5 Customized Chocolate Bars

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Did you know that you can also create a customized chocolate bar? It’s such a fun gift because not only can it be super delicious but the actual wrapper becomes a quick keepsake. There are so many different spots online to make this happen. They can be personalized with names, images, and tons of flavors and toppings too. There’s even a way to send Hershey’s chocolates in the most unique of ways.

Surprise Your Loved Ones

Any of these ideas would be a great way to honor an anniversary. They may nix the idea of traditional gifts, but they hold so much inspiration when it comes to the memory-making aspect of life. These picks will liven up the days to come and create their own magical memories from the celebration and beyond.