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The 10 WORST Wedding Gifts – Avoid These!

Wedding gifts are tricky to excel in because each couple and even partners themselves can be so different in personality, preferences, and passions. You may be tempted to choose a gorgeous butter dish or the perfect blender but may find the response less than enthusiastic.

Much like cracking a risky joke during a wedding toast, finding a uniquely fantastic present is dependent mainly on how well you know the couple, but just to be on the safe side, here are a few ‘worst’ wedding gifts that you should steer clear of, regardless of the situation.

If you are a bride or groom looking to purchase gifts for your bridesmaids or groomsmen, we’ve got you covered as well.

Food & Similar Perishables

You may want to gift gigantic chocolates, cookie bouquets, or artisanal sweets, but food is rarely a good idea for wedding gifts. The couple may be leaving their honeymoon right away and may take weeks to go through all their presents. Nothing worse than finding a melted or rotting food gift waiting for them!

Fitness Gear Or Equipment Gives The Wrong Message

Unless you are really close to the bride and groom and know they have been eyeing a particular fitness-related machine or equipment, it is positively humiliating and even insulting to purchase exercise equipment as a wedding present.

It implies you think the couple is not in shape or that they are not worthwhile in their original body type. Don’t give exercise equipment even if you have the best possible intentions.

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Not The Time For DIY

Many of us indulge in various DIY projects, whether it is sculptures, paintings, origami, or embroidered pieces, but they are rarely the best choice for wedding gifts because they are incredibly personalized to what you love to do and make.

Homemade gifts make more sense when children make them, especially for a formal occasion like a wedding, so avoid your arts and crafts kit for this one. There is a single factor that nullifies this rule, and that is if you’re a professional artist or craftsperson who also sells their products to customers. You will still need to check whether the couple in question are fans of your type of DIY product.

No To His & Her Objects

His and her items such as mugs, salt and pepper shakers, towels, bathrobes, or pillows are generic and uninspired wedding gifts. Such items are also commonly available in most grocery stores or supermarkets, so it gives the impression you didn’t try very hard or think very long about what to get the couple.

The achieved effect may very well be the exact opposite of what you want. Just to be safe, don’t buy any cheesy, sentimental his and her objects, especially if they are the mass-produced kind.

Don’t Go Cheaper

Couples typically have a gift registry list they put out for the convenience of friends and family. Still, some people mistake going through the list and buying a cheaper or less expensive version of an item.

For example, a couple may have mentioned a specific type of tea set, but someone may choose to get an inexpensive one just to tick the box. Avoid doing this, or you’ll always be branded as someone who doesn’t want to invest in a good quality gift.

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Kitchen Gadgets No One Needs

Everyone’s food preparation habits are so different, and most married couples already own a range of everyday appliances in the kitchen. Giving them a Vitamix or a sandwich or soufflé maker may be inconvenient, and they may never use it. Whenever considering kitchen appliances as a wedding gift, always refer to the registry for approved items.

Can’t Clean Won’t Clean

Cleaning supplies are a significant addition to any worst wedding gifts list. Giving someone a new vacuum or a microfiber mop may seem helpful or practical, but it is simply not wedding gift-appropriate.

It can also indicate that you think the couple isn’t tidy enough or needs some help in the hygiene department. The same applies to toiletries, as they make a pretty awful gift unless you are giving premium body butter or a set of expensive hand creams.

Pets Without Permission

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Giving a couple a dog, turtle, or a pair of fish may sound incredible, but it is a terrible wedding present idea even if they are animal lovers. Newly married couples have many responsibilities they have to undertake, and they could have pets that need their attention already.

Animals, whether it is a dog, turtles, cats, or hamsters, take a lot of effort and hard work to keep in the house, so do not put that responsibility on the couple without their permission.

Self Help Books For Successful Marriages

Nothing is more presumptive and insulting than giving a newly married couple a guide for love or how to sustain a successful marriage. You may think you’re providing guidance or literary value, but you’ll probably offend them both. You’re free to give other beautiful books as gifts, though, especially if you know the genre or type of books they both love! Another great idea is to get them an e-reader or Kindle so they can download and purchase books according to their taste without any interference from someone else.

There is clearly a no-man’s land to avoid while navigating wedding gift-giving. It’s simple to offer a thoughtful or sentimental present, but there are some clear rules regarding what not to give. If you follow these guidelines, you should be safe from the firing line.

Regifted Gifts

Everyone receives unwanted gifts from time to time but it’s no reason to pass the buck by regifting an item that you didn’t want to keep yourself.

To make matters worse, there are stories of regifted items where the original card was left in the gift bag. There are embarrassing moments that you’ll never recover from; don’t make this one of them!

Be a thoughtful gift giver and spend the time (and money) to ensure that your gesture will be well-received and appreciated by the bride and groom.