30+ Cute Nicknames for Your Loved Ones

Since the childhood, people are getting used to gentle and kind nicknames, because they were called that way by mothers who are always ready to surround their children with love and care. In the adulthood, people still crave for such affectionate words. By words, we demonstrate the attitude and our feelings towards another close person.

Girls love with their ears. But men like to listen to compliments and affectionate nicknames no less than girls. And if these words said by a beloved girl, it is more pleasant a hundred times. Gentle treatment can melt ice in the heart of any men. At work and in the company of friends men are boasting and trying to show their superiority, virility, and rigor. A young man turns into a sweet, kind, and pliable lover when he is alone with her girlfriend. Words can inspire a man to take serious actions – it is only needful to find the right approach to him.

Using these affectionate pet names in the company of friends, a young woman wants to show her romantic feelings to the guy by her side. Young men are usually very flattering to hear such nicknames, especially when the pronoun “my” is used that indicates the intimacy in their relationship.

Avoiding Mistakes

Starting to meet or live together, the beloved people come up with not only common rules and traditions, but they usually invent cute affectionate nicknames for each other. Some of them are widely used by lovers, such as Darling, Dear, Dearest, My Love, My Beloved, Honey, or Baby. Others should be known only to two lovers, for example – Fire Cracker, Ghosty, Chickadee or Fluffernutter. Even if a couple has their gentle affectionate nicknames, it is not necessary to announce them all around. Let your invented pet names like Pookie, Wifey and Puppy remain a mystery to strangers.

Many couples like to call each other diminutive-caressing words or phrases associated with beautiful, sweet or strong animals, like Kitty, Cheeky Monkey, Little Chicken, Ducky for girlfriends or Chubby Bunny, Cuddly Bear, Panda, Tiger for guys. The main thing is not to use insulting animal names, so as not to call the mate by Goat or Sheep. It is not forbidden to affectionately call a guy Gopher, Hamster, Chipmunk or Piglet if he likes it. However, you should not use such nicks in presence of unfamiliar people or in a serious situation.

If you had a nick for your ex, never call the present lover the same way. Mocking names do not sound good, especially for women. In this way, Fatty is not a good name for a woman which is bothering about her weight. Don’t stick to a nickname if a person doesn’t like it – not everyone loves pet names.

A gentle word can express your feelings, hint at the intimacy and tenderness of your relationship, but sometimes it may hurt painfully. It is better not to touch problem topics and to avoid battered boring pet names.

The main rule is that the pet names should be gentle and sincere. However, there is a catch. If you mention these words constantly, then they can lose their tenderness. A person will simply become accustomed to such treatment and will cease to notice them.

How to Find a Perfect Pet Name for Your Lover?

Good nicknames for guys are related to their hobbies, work or character. In this way, the nickname will be unique and will emphasize the boyfriend’s qualities. If a person has some outstanding abilities, for example in cooking, repairing works or painting, why not come up with little words for praise? It is not superfluous to note the man’s muscles, good appearance, hairstyle or his manner of dressing. Nicks like Tricky Man, Superstar, Macho, Picasso will be flattering for most of the men. The sexy nicknames for your boyfriend would be Sex Machine, Tarzan, Playboy or Hunky Bear. The cute nicknames for boyfriend are Honey Wookums, Squishy Boo, and My Smile Maker.

Guys like when girlfriends call them affectionately and tenderly while hugging or kissing. All the more it is necessary to use affectionate nicks, if a boyfriend is shy of his own kind or has an understated self-esteem – cheer him up and let him believe in himself and in your love.

To affectionately call a loved one, you do not need to invent complex phrases. Just praise your mate, saying something gentle. You can even compare your lover with someone from the movies, the characters of the film, fairy-tale characters, as Avatar, Stallone, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

The classic set of tender nicks comprises a huge variety of words, such as Beloved, Dear, Sunny, Sweetheart, Angel, Sugar, My Knight or My Hero. Even a simple word can become the most affectionate in the world if you speak it with love and tenderness. The tone and emotional message are very important. If you pronounce these words with the right intonation, gently and slightly lowering the voice, the result will surpass all your expectations.

All words related to the women’s beauty are always in demand and girlfriends appreciate them very much – Gorgeous, Doll, Charming, Blue Eyes, Bella, Beautiful, Barbie, Adorable, Sweet Cheeks, etc. The words Queen, Princess and My Precious underline the men’s attitude to his soul mate.

The “sweet theme” along with yummy things is very common for lovers – Pumpkin Pie, Peach, Donut, Cuddle Muffin, Cake, Cheesy, Buttercup, Candy, Cherry, Marshmallow, Biscuit and so many others.

As you can see, there are plenty of versions of the unique pet names. Of course, there are many other affectionate words that can be used in relation to a loved one, and they are not limited to the mentioned samples. But you do not have to be puzzled over and strain your imagination to invent how to make a nickname for your boyfriend. Just try to focus on something outstanding and featured your beloved boo the most and the right word will come to you one day. Lastly, it will be great if there is a sweet story behind a tender love nickname.