When in Rome: 5 Best Places in Rome to Take Wedding Photos

Are you planning an amazing destination wedding in Rome? Or maybe you’re scouting for the perfect location for your engagement photos. 

Nothing says romance quite like Italy. When you choose Rome, you’ll get the perfect combination of love and history. But there are so many beautiful places in Rome, so how will you find the best ones for your wedding photos?

Don’t worry–we have you covered! Keep reading to discover the five best places in Rome to capture those romantic wedding photos.

1.The Vatican Museum

What’s better than getting married in a picturesque church? Having that traditional Italian wedding ceremony in a church and getting your wedding photos taken in the purest place of them all–the Vatican City.

The interior of the Vatican museum is full of high, arched ceilings and detailed pillars with gorgeous sculptures. There’s also a grandeur spiral staircase that makes the perfect setting for wedding pictures.

Of course, it’s the symbolism of having your wedding photos taken in the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church that really makes this one of the best options.

2. The Trevi Fountain

Throw a coin and make a wish! The Trevi Fountain is the most quintessential and breathtaking fountain in Rome, so, of course, it’ll make the perfect location for your wedding photos.

Don’t forget to take the classic picture of you and your sweetie throwing a coin behind your shoulder into the fountain!

However, be aware that the Trevi Fountain gets pretty crowded. An Italian engagement wedding photographer can help you get the best pictures despite the crowds.

3. The Bridge of Angels

Do you want your wedding pictures to look absolutely magical? Then head over to the Bridge of Angels or Ponte Sant’Angelo.

You’ll get the best photographs with angel sculptures and a flowing river in the background. Not only is the bridge picturesque, but the view from the bridge is beautiful too, so you’ll have tons of great photo-ops.

4. The Colosseum

Of course, you can’t have a photo shoot in Italy without pictures of the Roman Colosseum.

These ruins showcase the essence and beauty of Rome, and your guests are sure to recognize it. To take these photos to the next level, consider waiting for sunset for the best ambiance.

5. The Spanish Steps

Sometimes the best backdrops for wedding photos are simple. If you want your photo shoot to say elegance and sophistication, consider getting it done at the Spanish Steps.

This location will add a unique element to your photos, but it’ll be subtle enough that everyone is sure to focus on you and your spouse instead of constantly looking at the background.

Best Places in Rome For Your Wedding Pictures

If you’re looking for a unique backdrop for your wedding photos, look no further than Rome. Just follow our guide to find the best places in Rome, so you can look back and cherish these photos forever.

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