Bridal hairstyles based on waves

An open air wedding reception or ceremony does not involve only a loosened bridal gown on you made of the thinnest fabric, it also involves you looking as if you just came out of the see as a mermaid and looking really neat and gorgeous in the same time. The bridal makeup has to look flawless and in the same time you have to look fresh and not with so many cosmetics on the complexion or skin.
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From all these details we jump directly at the level of the bridal hairstyles that one can apply for in order to look stunning in the big day. So, if you have taken into consideration a beach wedding theme, then it means that you’re at the right place and at the right time, because you have a big list of options from which you can pick from and they do not include too many styling products.

No matter if you make up your mind on a loosened bridal hairstyle that involves letting your hair as it is on the back side or if you decide on a braided hairstyle that goes on one shoulder the final effect will be a dazzling one and on top of all this does not involve the use of hairspray, mousse or other products.

Use your imagination as much as possible, because in the end you will be the one that has to win, because you are going to have a nonconformist wedding reception and ceremony in which you can be the central “piece” and in most of the cases we know pretty well that all the eyes are towards the bride.

bridal hairstyles based on wavesCredit
Bridal hairstyles based on waves

We were saying something about looking like a mermaid. You can obtain this look with the help of some nice looking waves in your hair, which look natural in the same time. If you have always wished your wedding reception to look as if it’s inspired from the legends with mermaids this is sure a way of obtaining this effect. For obtaining such waves you need a little bit of hair mousse for adding the hair volume and a hair drier for drying them. Use big hair curlers in order to fix the hairstyle and you’ll see that after the hair will be naturally arranged, making it stay on the back side and around your complexion. The main piece of the hairstyle can consist of the bridal tiara that can be easily put between your curls or a hair arrangement with pearls that can be fixed with hair pins.

So, the hair waves are something notable for your bridal hairstyle, they confer the bride a really interesting look and really natural and sexy in the same time. It does not matter if you do not have natural waves, we do not see any difficulties in realizing some in our days. As long as you have created the hair curls, you will end up with tons of ideas that can suit you just fine. Take some hairpins and place your hair on one side and with the help of these, end up with a bun that can be loosened or on one side. Spray the hair spray and in this way the hair will manage staying just fine. We recommend such bridal hairstyles for dresses that are realized in A – style.

We were saying something about leaving your hair on the back side and loosened. Well, it would not be a bad idea to apply for a pony tail that is left on the back side and placed in a simple manner. This is a really sexy and modern style and it does not seem any difficulty in being realized, it’s simple, believe us and it is ideal for an open air wedding that takes place on the seashore. After you wash your hair, let it dry in a natural manner, in such a way that it looks a little bit unarranged. Make sure you confer it volume and you braid it, placing on the hairstyle here and there some ribbons with stone or hairpins. If you do not have the perfect length for realizing such a long bridal hairstyle, then we recommend the addition of a fake portion of hair – it will look gorgeous and let us add that on top of all it will be resistant in case the wind blows.

As you can see, there are many options that can be taken into account when we’re speaking about bridal hairstyles and on top of all, these are realized on the basis of curls and waves.