Hair: short or long?

You have no idea what haircut suits you better? Every summer you promise yourself you`ll get a short haircut, but you never succeed in doing this, because you don`t have enough guts? Here is a big, big piece of advice of how to cut your hair accordingly to your hair texture, weight and many other aspects. Get some popcorn, relax and read….

Is your face in a round form? Then you certainly need to let your hair grow long. Having long hair helps a lot these types of faces.

You don`t have enough time to take care of your hair and make a cool hairdo? Well, having long hair is perfect in these situations… you just cone, put some hair mousse and there you go! You`re ready to go!

Do you have healthy and rich hair? If it`s not in this way, it may be unattractive to let your it grow long! If it`s already long do yourself a favor and cut it into a funky or fashionable way!

Do you possess curly hair? Many women don`t like it, because it`s hard to maintain beautiful. But let`s recognize that many of us turn our heads and admire a woman with long and curly hair!

Are you a plumpy person? Well, you should leave your hair grow. Long hair makes your face look thinner and your body also! These being said, the chapter of long hair is closed and if you read attentively the things mentioned above, then you should be proud of your long hair or you should let it grow more!

If your face features are square or rhomb, then you surely must cut your hair, because this kind of haircut accentuates your beautiful features!

Do you have a small nose or thin lips? You can highlight these things with short haircuts! Oh! And another thing that should be said is that if you don`t have symmetrical features, then it`s up to you to adopt a short hair style and it only takes courage (you know?)!

It takes a lot of patience when it comes to short hair, because it needs to be taken care of in a period of 3 or 4 weeks, and if it`s a very extravagant hairdo it may need daily attention!

Are you a fan of dyed hair? Then you must take a short hair style, because it`s perfect for this kind of processes, you can cut the affected areas! But don`t take advantage to much of your poor hair, cause you may remain with only a few threads in your games!

We can make a funny comparison between short and long hair! For women that are fed up with having long hair this aspect is like a black dress in a ball room (long hair= dull), and adopting a short hairdo is like a red dress, they want to underline their features and be courageous!

It`s up to you what kind of hair cut you choose and choose to be the queen of the ball every time you make a choice!