Honeymooning: 5 Romantic Locations with a Twist


After selecting the venue and the dress, the location of your honeymoon is one of the biggest wedding decisions you’ll make as a couple. A holiday that represents the start of your married life together, you need to be able to pick a destination you’ll both enjoy.

When you’ve waved goodbye to the stress of wedding planning, your honeymoon is the time for you to unwind, reconnect with one another and create memories that will last a lifetime.

How do you choose the perfect honeymoon? Here are 5 romantic locations that also offer a little something extra.

Savannah, Georgia

A coastal city in South Carolina, Savannah is known for its slow pace of life and architecture. An American city may seem like an odd choice for a honeymoon, especially when so many honeymooners jet off to beach side resorts, but Savannah has so much to offer newlyweds.

Take a ride in a horse drawn carriage, enjoy a picnic under a beautiful magnolia tree in one of the parks, take a trip to nearby Tybee island where you can relax on the beach, visit historic forts or go on a bike ride.

The Mediterranean

If you’d be bored by a fortnight of lounging on the beach, basking in the sunshine and drinking cocktails, then why not pack as many places into your honeymoon as possible? There’s no need to stay on a tiny island when you can view country after country.

Embark on a Mediterranean cruise (like these from Iglu Cruise) and stroll through the streets of Rome, visit glamorous star-studded Cannes, dine in Greek tavernas and view feats of architecture in Barcelona. Sounds like an incredible adventure!


While these may be a group of islands, the Galapagos offer something more than the typical romantic beach honeymoon. Situated in the Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos are a haven for wildlife, making them the ideal place for nature lovers.

Take your partner’s hand and go in search of the giant tortoise, explore the surrounding islands by yacht, or go on a scuba diving trip and explore one of the seven wonders of the underwater world.


If you wouldn’t class yourself as a sun worshipper, or your wedding date is during the winter months, then consider a cooler honeymoon. You could go skiing in the Alps or visit Lapland, but one of the greatest and most romantic locations: Iceland.

Warm up in one of the country’s hot natural springs, hike grassy and volcanic landscapes, or chase one of nature’s most beautiful sites: the aurora borealis, more commonly referred to as the Northern Lights.