Bahia Pez Vela – honeymoon spot

What could be more romantic than a tropical paradise, a cruise, feeling the breeze on your neck and admiring the beauties that nature has to offer somewhere underneath an old oak and listening to a serenade made by mariachis in the middle of the night? This is not a dream, you can make this real in your honeymoon and you can enjoy all these things that we’ve just mentioned about. We just hope that you earn enough money to go to Bahia Pez Vela, because it’s definitely worth it….

Before mentioning all the great things that you can experience there you have to take into account that the honeymoon is a special even for anyone and that you can celebrate with a lot of details. Start with a glass of champagne, take with you some surprises that will complete the atmosphere (blues CDs, candles, liquid that makes bubbles in your bath), and wrap that sexy and red lingerie together with your favorite high heeled sandals and don’t forget also to take something comfy because you have a lot to visit and you’re going to have to walk and visit a lot.

Bahia Pez Vela - honeymoon spot

Bahia Pez Vela is a resort in a tiny little golf and on a private beach and it’s made almost entirely of luxurious mansions and houses that are placed somewhere in the North-West side of the Costa Rica Island. It’s indeed a special spot to visit and we’re certain that you won’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to having fun and finding all the right spots here….
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The serene and calm sights of this Pacific coast offer extraordinary occasions and ways of spending your free time in a very romantic way. What could be more interesting than discovering the mysteries of the deep side of the ocean, seeing the dolphins jump? You can go on a short cruise and enjoy a glass of good wine and you can end up being really relaxed….

Maybe you’re wondering just how expensive this experience can get? Well, not that expensive because in the full season you can end up with a good bargain in renting a room. We’re sure that you’re going to manage.

Besides the fact that you’re going to get relaxed and have some fun here and there we’re certain that you’re going to remain with a nice experience and a good looking photo album from the place that you’ve just visited. No more to say! We just hope that we could being you an interesting example of place for your honeymoon and that you’re going to take it into account….