Honeymoon – Negril or Culebra

Another honeymoon spot that we thought it would really be interesting to share with you is Negril in Jamaica. This particular city has a reggae pulse in it and you can breathe it too and feel it. the main areas that you can visit and take advantage of is the Seven Mile Beach, which is ideal for those that come with their families, there’s also the West End, with spots that are smaller and secluded, where the beaches, shops and restaurants can be easily visited.

honeymoon- Negril or Culebra

Order a cold drink and enjoy at the sunset from Rick’s Bar. You can also admire the Negril cliff that has been caught in the “Thunderball” film of the James Bond series.
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If the hotel in which you’ve accommodated doesn’t offer you transport you can take a mini bus or op for a tour by horse. Also, you can apply for the place with the golden sands for observing the crocodiles or an afternoon in which you ride a horse, but the main element is the Seven Mile Beach, which attracts more and more visitors to Negril. Accordingly to how much tan you want to get, you can sunbath even nude in some of the spots.

honeymoon- Negril or Culebra 2

The next place that we want to suggest to you consists of the Culebra, Puerto Rico area. The Flamenco beach hides very serene waters, without even a wave and this place can be found in a small bay.

It’s long, wide and it’s surrounded by greenery with one or two buildings nearby. You can observe the fish swimming close to the shore and the visibility is at least 20 meters deep. You’re going to be able to see African seagulls and occasionally dolphins.

honeymoon- Negril or Culebra 3

Fishing is prohibited but you’re going to be able to take pictures and surely you’re going to see so many things while you’re snorkeling around four reefs that are spread from a side to the other of the beach and surely you can dive here without any difficulties.

During the day time, the ski is in a blue serene like that in Caribbean spots and during the nighttime you can observe the Milky Way if the moon isn’t present.

The beach has nice things about it in general: there are parks with guards, showers, public bathrooms and some stores from which you can buy refreshments, ice or different aliments during the daytime.

Culebra is an anti-destination from the point of view of the tourism, this one doesn’t have big hotels or vacations full of parties or too flashy.

The beaches are amazing, they’re made of white sand, and they’re great for tanning, windsurfing or diving. The culture and architecture are as colorful as the waters in that deep blue. Take a walk around town and you’re going to realize a special vacation, honeymoon and not only….