Honeymoon in Barcelona

Spain is a really inspiring place and it impresses us with many exotic locations for the most varied tastes possible- you can find there fishing villages, rustic ones and luxury resorts. The cruises on the Mediterranean Sea and travels made with the help of a guide seem the most interesting spots in Spain and only between some of the main attractions in the Iberian Peninsula.

Barcelona is a city extremely cosmopolite in which you can stroll relaxed and you can find multiple options of fun. The prices are accessible and up to Barcelona there are only three hours of flight. There are multiple low cost companies that can bring you down to the hot spots of the city and with a small price. We suggest a small incursion through the Gaudi universe, which is between the most famous artists of Barcelona.
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La Rambla is situated in the heart of Barcelona and it’s a pedestrian area surrounded by tall planes under which you can see souvenir boutiques, cafes, restaurants with traditional food (from which menu you won’t see sea food absent and the well known paella, served with a big sangria carafe).

Here and there you can observe human statues dressed with costumes extremely interesting, some of them even futuristic imitating well known football players, Michael Jackson or Cleopatra and all of these push you to pose next to them at a small sum.

Starting from the Cataluña, in the center of the town, you can go to the central market where fruit sellers attract you with tempting offers and with fruits placed in colors and dimensions and with natural cocktails, pieces of papaya, mango and pineapple.

From Rambla you can go the Regal Palace, a creation of the Gaudi architect where you can admire the superb mosaics characteristic to him. Going further you can visit the Wax Museum where you can find the biggest intellectuals and creators of our world or characters from international fairytales. La Rambla continues down to the harbor of Barcelona, near to Christopher Columbus’ column. From here you can go on a cruise at approximately an hour on the Mediterranean Sea on Barcelona’s shore.

In the harbor you can observe the aquarium as well that has a big range of fish and living ones. In some areas, going through the tunnel of glass, you can observe swimming next to you some sharks, sea cats or jellyfish. Next to the aquarium you’re going to find a mall that takes the format of a sea boat where you can stop for a short shopping session for a lunch on the terrace and seeing the sea and admiring it in the same time.

So, does it seem a good reason to make your honeymoon there?