Create The Ultimate Date Night Wedding Registry

Creating a gift registry for your wedding can be a stressful affair, especially if you and your significant other have lived together for some time. Regardless of this, many couples still take the reins and get their registry completed, with anywhere between 68% and 96% of American brides taking on the task.

As you take this next step toward building a life together, it is important to remember to celebrate your love and take time from your responsibilities to enjoy each other’s company. That’s why you should create the ultimate date night registry, by asking for items that you can piece together to create date nights throughout the first year of marriage. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Stargazing Date Night

Prepare to spend an evening under the stars with your stargazing date night kit. In your registry, request a blanket, astronomy book, travel mugs, and telescope, as well as recommendations for the best local stargazing spot.

This option is a great selection for the DIY guests attending your wedding. Knit socks, crocheted hats, hot chocolate mix, and maybe even a little something extra to throw into your travel mug are easy options for padding the main components of your date night basket.

Movie Date Night

A movie date night can be an at home event or a night on the town. In your registry, be sure to incorporate items for each to cover all your bases. In this ultimate date night kit, register for an at home popcorn maker– either kitchen-sized or standalone–, an outdoor, inflatable movie screen, lawn chairs, and candy. Alternatively, ask for movie gift certificates to get out of the house.

The best part of this ultimate date night kit, particularly the at-home theater edition, is that it opens up the opportunity to share. If you have kids at home or just want to include your friends in an outdoor movie marathon, you have that option. Bonus if you have a pool or hot tub from which to enjoy the movie!

Art Date Night

An art date night is great for the creative couples. Register for canvases, paint brushes, paint, drop cloths, and even silly, matching artist hats. Then, turn on the music and let creativity take hold. Alternatively, ask for gift cards to different paint night events in your area.

If you really want to take it to the next level, request a Love is Art kit for a simple, sexy, memorable date night at home. Note that you may want to ask for this particular gift from a member of the wedding party.Board Game Date Night

Register for your favorite board games for a go-to date night experience when the weather is bad, the bank account is dry, or you just don’t feel like going out. Invite your guests to add their favorites to the list, so you get to try new things. If you’re a classic board game fan, register for the designer, wooden or vintage editions of your favorites to keep things classy.

Like the at-home movie night kit, this is a date night option that will still be useful as your family expands. Not only will you be able to enjoy the games with your children, but you’ll also be able to set them up with the games and sneak in a little relaxation after a long day.

Brunch it Up

Create a standing date for Sunday brunch and opt for some of the more traditional registry options. Create a Bed Bath & Beyond Wedding Registry to get a Ninja coffee bar, a waffle maker, and special plates you only use for this occasion. Be sure to add a cookbook to your list to try new recipes every week.

To level up this gift option, request cooking classes that you and your significant other can enjoy together. This experience will come in handy when you decide to host a dinner, movie, and games night with members of the wedding party at some point down the road.

When it comes to gift registries, the options are endless! Think of something you and your partner enjoy doing and use this opportunity to request gifts that fuel your passion.