Ideas for Honeymoon Island Destinations

Now that the fuzz of the wedding has passed and you can finally have some days for yourselves you must go to a honeymoon island to spend some quality time together. Of course, you must make the bookings for the whole thing before the wedding, but with all the other priorities to take care of you may need some help deciding upon the destination of your honeymoon.
Well, you firstly need to settle a budget for the whole affair and try your best not to exceed it. Then you can start hunting for islands, packages and all the rest.


The Bahamas


If you are a fan or an inhabitant of the American continent you can try your luck with the Bahamas. This island holds the number one place in the preferences of all newlyweds for decades, so it must be something about it that attracts masses as it does.

Ideas for Honeymoon Island Destinations - The Bahamas

This small group of islands is a real paradise for the sun and water lovers and it leaves the impression that life can never be sweeter. And maybe it even is so; after all, honeymoons must be the best time of a couple’s life. But you should be aware that this destination is a real magnet for tourists so, make sure you book a honeymoon package well in advance.


Puerto Rico


This tropical island is a good destination for all honeymooners as it includes a diversity of locations that match all types of pockets. San Juan is ideal for those of you who also want to find a bit of history and Agauadilla is famous for its neat beaches. Even though it may seem somewhat crowded you will always be able to find a quiet, relaxing place just for you and your spouse. The locals are very polite and welcoming, always ready to entertain their guests.

Ideas for Honeymoon Island Destinations - Puerto Rico


Phuket, Thailand


For those in love with the Asian culture a honeymoon in Thailand sounds like a dream come true. The costs involved are not that high (with the exception of the travel costs) and the experience is guaranteed to be one of a kind. It is needless to mention how beautiful the beaches are or how clean and blue is the water.

Ideas for Honeymoon Island Destinations - Phuket, Thailand

This experience promises to me an unforgettable one as we are sure that the Asian lifestyle and culture will win you over entirely. If a romantic place is what you want, but at the same time you wish to explore new places, book a honeymoon package in Phuket.