French Riviera, the right place for your honeymoon

France means centuries of great brilliance and refinement, castles and palaces with its superb gardens, bohemian life and impressive collections of art. French Riviera, beautiful, brilliant and elegant is a very precious jewel in the crown of France. If once it was a luxury destination, an area just for the rich and famous, the French Riviera has become in recent years an accessible place to almost all, and thus a perfect location to spend your honeymoon.

One of the greatest destinations would be Nice. It is the largest city on the coast, and it has become a holiday destination 400 years ago, when the wealthy British and Russians began to take refuge here. The first reason why you should choose Nice is that there are many good deals for accommodation; secondly the turquoise blue of the sea is so clear that you will love to swim in these waters and thirdly the French romance will induce that honeymoon atmosphere.

If you have decided to spend your honeymoon on the French Riviera, you shouldn’t miss Cannes. It is a beautiful place with wide boulevards, with exclusive shops and a beach of fine yellow sand, therefore it is a special destination where you two lovers will be able to live some great moments. If you are worried about your budget, here you can find a lot of hotels classified by two and three stars. Also, while you are staying here, you should visit Le Musée de la Castre, Le Musée de la Mer, La Croissette, or Palais des Festivals et des Congres.

French Riviera area is also preferred by those who plan their holidays by themselves and choose to travel by car. Tourists pick this travel means for the landscapes, especially for the coastal ones, including those from the Italian Riviera, which are also wonderful. But this has its advantages and disadvantages, the bad thing being that the highway fees are quite steep.

A few things that you should know before going on your honeymoon is that the best weather is from June to August and for you to benefit from the best prices you should plan your vacation or honeymoon from May to June or September to October. Also, don’t forget to book your trip well in advance for the best deals.