Hot honeymoon spots

What can be more pleasant than spending your honeymoon on the seaside? Honeymoons during the summer are sensational and if you’re careful enough to choose the appropriate location then it’s better….

We’ve made your plans and we decided that it wouldn’t be bad at all to share with you some destinations that are perfect for honeymoons, romantic ones- but full of adventure in the same time.

We suggest trying every location and maybe after to decide what’s your destination for the honeymoon…

We start with the Greek Islands…. There’s not even one island in this archipelago that you can’t recommend as a destination for the honeymoon. Santorini is one of the most popular destination, but between the most gorgeous ones.

The white houses placed on the bay made in the volcanic crater and the cafes on the seaside are irresistible.

We jump from a location to another and we continue with the South part of France….

If course France is the most wanted spot when it comes to romantics all around the world. The ideal way for the freshly wedded ones is definitely Paris- the Southern part of France.

During the summer many of the inhabitants of the capital are gone in their vacation and you can enjoy freely the wonders of Paris. The next destination- Nice.

Besides the local attractions in the southern part of France you’re going to be able to spend your honeymoon next to the international attractions and stars from Hollywood.

Make the tour of the Sonoma Valley during the summer…. The region is well known for the wine production, but it hides much more than this, being well known under the name of “the Moon’s Valley”.

The landscape is green and luxuriant and there are various wineries that permit you to taste freely the wine production and the local cheese. Some visitors choose expeditions on the mountain or horse riding.

Due to the fact that the Sonoma region is close to the Californian Coast, the weather is perfect. One of the possibilities that we find more romantic is to taste a wine bottle in front of the sunset. The “Paradise Ridge” winery offers this possibility….

The Hawaiian Islands are always full of couples that are in their honeymoons, but during the summer time the fun period starts indeed.

Besides the beaches and the cruises you can visit some of the most well known volcanoes which are active….

We sure hope to have helped you in a way or another with the indications offered here and we’re certain that you’re going to apply for some of the regions and spots mentioned here!