Paris, France – honeymoon 2

For the art lovers it’s a blessing to go to Paris. In this particular city you can visit over 150 art galleries, museums, cafés, patisseries, restaurants and some of these are placed on street’s corners so that you can access them fast,

When the night goes down the city seems to vibrate more, opera rooms or cinemas lure the visitors, churches and chapels are a refuge for those that need divine relaxation and the clubs and dance halls become fuller minute by minute.

In what concerns souvenirs this is the right place for buying them and you can buy them for those who you left back home. If you have enough time for walking and strolling don’t get lured by the salesmen on the streets, it’s better to go to Montmartre, that’s the right spot for buying gifts.

Paris, France - honeymoon 2

Here you can find cheaper souvenirs and we’re certain that you’re not going to leave the spot without buying a painting or two. Don’t forget also to go to the Sacre- Coeur Basilica, where you can get advantage of another view of Paris. And during the night time you can enjoy a nice show at Moulin Rouge. We’re certain that all of these are going to enchant you pretty much and that you’re going to get advantage of nice spots.
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No matter where you decide to spend your honeymoon don’t forget that it has to be a special moment after the wedding ceremony in which you get to know each other better than ever and in this way you’re going to observe your couple life, how is it going to evolve or not.

Paris, France - honeymoon 2 2

We’re certain that the suggestions made up to this moment in what concerns the honeymoon spots that you can visit- seem really tempting and that if you have the right amount of money you’re going to apply for some of these.

If you’re more into the exotic spots that we’ve suggested go for it! Or if you like to historical parts more, then Paris, France is just the right spot to visit.

What more could you wish for? We propose a place in which you have lots of fun and in which you’re going to be able to get a cultural exchange in the same time. How about that? Does it sound pretty tempting to you? We’re certain that it does and that you’re going to apply immediately for a honeymoon in this gorgeous spot that hides a certain beauty, romanticism, art and history in the same time. Let’s not forget about the culinary experiences that you’re going to be able “to endure”, these are really important as well.