Honeymoon destinations 2

So, we were speaking about honeymoon spots that you can apply for and we’re certain that you’re going to be able to apply for one of these locations that we indicate here and there isn’t a large amount of money involved- or if it is, you can do an effort and apply for one of these spots, because it’s between the most important voyages and travels in your entire life, don’t you think so?

Here’s how we start with the first suggestion of spot that you can visit in your honeymoon and we’re certain that you’re going to like it pretty much. We’re speaking about the Yarra Valley in Australia.

This spot is named the country of wine and you can observe all around vines to which we add the fact that it’s an amazing place for those that know very well about wine and there are over 55 wineries, which seems more than gorgeous for us. A visit here can’t exclude the exploration of different villages, gorgeous gardens, fearn forests, national parks and Antiquity shops. And now that we were speaking about parks and places from the Sanctuary Park settled in the middle area of the area, here’s the occasion of a unique escape….

Salvador is one of the most gorgeous cities in this world. They are well known for the cultural and historical culture left as inheritance, also known for the religious syncretism, for the hospitality of the local ones, the capital of the Bahia state has been the basis for diverse studies and domains. The Breezes Complex and Spa has over 324 rooms for a tropical atmosphere in which you can relax listening to waves, you can do surfing or exploring the greatness of the landscapes.

Romantic, fun and never suffocating. For a good price you can obtain an interesting package that includes accommodation, a welcome with champagne, a basket with fresh fruits, personalized shirts, a beach bag with all the equipment, breakfast and so on….

Here’s how we continue with our suggestions in order for you to make a general idea and see for what spot you can apply for. This relaxation spot is placed in the mountains and it’s famous for the stunning landscapes, offering you an interesting frame for your honeymoon.

A walk on the Wakatipu Lake, a cruise on the extraordinary Milford Sound- proclaimed by R. Kipling as the eighth wonder of the world- or in a resort between the valets of the mountains that surround the city. The options are unlimited in this paradise of mountains. The Heartland Hotel tells many things about this place. It’s built in a distinct style, surrounded by spectacular views, on the Wakatipu Lake as well as on the mountains as well.