2 gorgeous honeymoon spots on the American continent

You may already be planning your wedding that will probably take place somewhere in the middle of winter. Everybody has got his/her reasons for doing the great event in that period, but this doesn’t mean that the honeymoon has to be done also in a cool place. For this matter, we think that it would really be a great idea to share with you some of our ideas that concern the place in which you can go for the honeymoon if the grand event will be done in the coolest season of the year.
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So, even if we’re speaking about a place that is all about sun, beach and friendly clouds or if you want to maintain on track in the same tone, take into account our suggestions and we would be really glad if you end up in some of these placed we have mentioned. Believe us that all these spots and areas are going to ensure an unforgettable honeymoon, one that makes the difference indeed!

How about Canada?

Well, Canada is indeed a part of the world that impresses lots of people, but if it would be for us to recommend you a city, it’s definitely Churchill, due to the fact that it has lots of interesting spots and landscapes that you can visit with pleasure.

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Canadian Rockies Honeymoon

This town is very well known for the presence of the polar bears and besides them, you are able to see lots of animals, which you probably already seen in pictures – this is certainly an unforgettable journey and you have the possibility of performing lots of cultural activities, like visiting a museum or making the city tour by helicopter.

So, if you decide to take your honeymoon in this place, the perfect period is definitely in winter, when you have the possibility of admiring lots of landscapes and observe the presence of the polar bears that we have mentioned about in our previous lines. Besides this, one can observe the special atmosphere in the air and you definitely will feel warmth inside of you, even if the temperatures outside tend to chill your body too much!

How about Argentina?

We decided not to leave the continent so soon, but we moved the geographic area towards the Southern part of the globe. So, the capital of Argentina seems a way good place in which you can take your honeymoon. Even if you are in the middle of winter, in Argentina it’s summer and you can rejoice the warm temperatures pretty much. Now you may be wondering what does this grand capital has to offer to you, especially in the honeymoon. Think of the fact that in your honeymoon you have to get relaxed, visit a lot and enjoy yourself as much as possible.

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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has to offer a lot, from street artists who perform paintings on houses to the vast boulevards with the most interesting monuments and spots. There’s lots of fuss in this city and you can enjoy your free time so much, by doing some shopping and enjoy yourself as much as possible. Argentina is well known for the tango dance and there are numerous shows with professionals that will dance in a gorgeous manner, in this way making you feel great and happy.

Among all these, the food is splendid! It’s a fest to enjoy different types of specialties and believe us; you’ll remember all that this city has offered to you.

Don’t forget to visit the rural areas as well, because they are going to make you see in another perspective what this country has to offer to you. Ride a horse and observe the picturesque landscapes and they will certainly remain printed in your head for a long while now.

In other words, these two spots in which you can take your honeymoon are so different one from the other that we’re sure you are going to think a great while of which one you can visit. Think of what would you love to see more: a place that is all about the greatness of nature and interesting landscapes to observe, or a country with warmth and interesting urban and rural landscapes.

Both of these countries are placed on the same continent, they seem to us as the perfect spots for arranging a honeymoon and we sincerely think that you have all the reasons in the world for visiting both of them. Of course, you cannot visit both of them during the honeymoon, but you can save the second destination for a future trip in which you will celebrate a great number of years of your marriage.