Paris, France – honeymoon

Beginning from the 19th century and up to the beginning of the 20th century all the families that respected their selves had to go to Paris at least once a year. Furthermore, the ball dresses, the accessories and the chariots used to be ordered directly from Paris in order to be in trend with the latest fashion and to be in a competition with the local elite.
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Today, Paris has still remained a location for a dreamy vacation and it’s definitely appropriate for a freshly wedded couple. If you wish a romantic honeymoon, choose a famous city for lovers, a hotel full of charm and surrounded by lights, butlers, champagne and walks under the moonlight…. This seems like a pattern, but it definitely sounds great and we’re certain that you’re going to feel like a part of the things exposed here.

A week in a honeymoon with walks on the Seine, nights passed in restaurant in which you hear different songs that have that special sound of Paris, France and you can apply even for a guest house with good conditions. If you choose to spend your honeymoon in the city of lights then be prepared to remain amazed!

Paris, France - honeymoon

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world and this can be observed in every second that you stroll on the Parisian streets.

Surely in this divine town you’re never going to get bored. Due to the boulevards that seem to never finish, Paris is the town in which you can take a walk on the street and observe them and forgetting about you in the same time.

When you pass through the French capital, don’t forget about the Marais Boulevard and the elegant Saint Germaine or the romantic Montmartre.

Even if when you’re shopping, enjoying a coffee or you simply got our in a walk it’s impossible not to observe the beauty of the gardens full of flowers, the alleys paved with dale, the Seine and the remarkable buildings with their fascinating architecture. It’s worth visiting all the time the city of Paris and the honeymoon seems to be the right time for doing it.

The attractions are really interesting and the time for visiting them is always too little. Take your time and do these one by one. If you want to visit several touristic objectives you can apply for a good guide. Or, if you want to stay together and dream you can simply look nowhere and enjoy your time there.

For Ille de la Cite you have to get an entire day because you have so many things that you can visit: Notre Dame, the Justice Palace, Saint-Chapelle. The Notre Dame hides many mysteries that the entire city of Paris.