Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations For 2018

Congratulations! You did it! You and your significant partner have made the commitment to marry one another.

Coming down from the engagement high, it is only natural to feel some apprehension, let alone stress in planning the wedding…and then, there is the honeymoon to think about. It is all too easy to push the honeymoon to the side while focusing on planning your wedding.

But, at the end of the day, when you and your partner have made your vows and the celebration is over, where are you going to go for your honeymoon? How will you celebrate your first few days as a married couple?

That said, read on and find out 5 top honeymoon destinations for 2018!

1. Seville, Spain

Seville, a city in the Andalusia region of Spain, is one of the most quaint places to have your honeymoon. Feast on tapas, watch flamenco and take part in Semana Santa and Feria—if you happen to go in spring.

Who This Honeymoon Destination is For

This destination is for that adventurous yet romantic couple who equally loves wining and dining on cobblestone at small cafes and seeing the sights—such as Plaza de Espana and the Seville Cathedral.

2. New York City, United States

With the constant hustle and bustle, it’s appropriate that New York City is known as the City That Never Sleeps.

Needless to say, while residents and tourists are always on the go, with the Jewish deli next to the Chinese restaurant next to the Italian bakery, New York City provides a cultural experience everyone can take part of, whether native or tourist. And, speaking of traveling, consider reading up on private jet charter prices, international or national. Not to mention, you may want to book your hotel in advance. This is especially true if you want to stay around the holidays or new years.

Who This Honeymoon Destination is For

This destination is perfect for the curious and travel-loving couple. For you, a good day means being out and about, roaming the streets, looking for that next sightseeing adventure—whether that be walking in Central Park or touring the Natural History Museum.

As for sightseeing, you will want to wear comfortable clothing; consider Teehives: like this for comfortable t-shirts. And looking into purchasing comfortable walking shoes, especially when it comes to walking in New York City. Much like Paris and Rome, New York City is very walk-friendly.

3. Maui, Hawaii

The island of Maui is famous for its scenic beauty. While all of the islands in Hawaii are lovely and each has its own special qualities, Maui is perhaps the most special because it has a blend of commercial and private beaches and breathtaking sights and adventures like Haleakala and the Bamboo Forest.

Who This Destination is For

This destination is great for the couple who want to spend their days and nights relaxing. While there are sightseeing opportunities—like The Road to Hana—you can also get away with lounging on the beach and eating that fish taco.    

4. Paris, France

We couldn’t create this list without including Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world. Paris offers couples a magical experience, as they walk along the Seine devouring crepes. Or, admiring the Eiffel Tower.

Who This Destination is For

This destination is for that romantic-at-heart couple. You and your partner love all things to do with love—poetry, roses, candle lit meals… Paris can provide all that and more, being both cultural mecca and romantic hub.

5. Rome, Italy

Last but not least, we have Rome, another romantic city. Feast on authentic pasta and pizza, and tour St. Peter’s Basilica and the Coliseum.

Who This Destination is For

This destination is for the artsy couple who loves cultural experiences. You and your partner will not only enjoy the Sistine Chapel but will revel in its beauty.

Final Thoughts

No matter what honeymoon destination you decide to go to, we are sure you will have a memorable and special time. What other honeymoon destinations do you recommend? Leave a comment in the comments section below.