Honeymoon in South Africa

What`s the immediate happy moment after the wedding? Think about 1 second not too much! Hey, it`s the honeymoon! If a few years ago our parents, grand parents went in an touristic city nearby, nowadays it`s not a problem to go to the other side of the globe or who knows what exotic place…

You`ve planned your wedding down to the littlest detail? Are you undecided of where you want to spend your honeymoon? Want a suggestion? A perfect place to spend your honeymoon is South Africa!
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South Africa is a wonderful place, with an interesting combination of deserts, subtropical beaches, natural preserved places and the indigenes that still leave in villages and Cape Town which can be a very fine shopping area!

This area invites you to take pictures and admire its uniqueness and beautiful spots, admire animals in their natural habitat and not in zoos as you often had seen them!


What`s necessary for you to know before going in your honeymoon to South Africa? It`s sufficient you know English, because it`s one of the official languages, between 10 other, it`s not an expensive country and it has 3 capitals: Cape Town, Pretoria and Bloemfontein!

For you to go in South Africa, you need an obligatory visa pass that may be obtained at the South Africa missions in foreign countries, this pass can be used for 3 months, and your passport has to be available for an average 6 months from your time of arrival!

In South Africa you won`t find a cab or a bus, because they simply don`t exist, so it`s preferable you arrange your transport before you arrive!

In different parts of this country, especially in the Nord-East there is a danger of infesting with malaria, so the local authorities will ask you to take a vaccine for: hepatitis, tetanus, polio and typhoid fever. Insurance and health policy shouldn`t be absent.


Although the pandemic disease may have made you change your mind, many people that have returned from there were simply fascinated from the things they saw there and said they would return! This wonderful place is especially made for exploring, and if you 2 are interested in these kinds of things then you should go for it!

Forget Paris, Rome, Madrid or Athens, you may explore those places during all your life time! South Africa will certainly make your honeymoon an unforgettable event and unique in the same time. Just think how many couples could say they made their honeymoon in the South of Africa? The answer is: not too many!