Honeymoon – Boracay Island

You may be thinking what exact spots are we going to share with you and what are we recommending when it comes to honeymoon. Of course, the spots that we’ve been suggesting up to this moment are really interesting and we hope that you consider these in the same manner, but it’s not excluded to see our other examples in order to choose the appropriate place for you to spend your honeymoon. As you can observe there are so many beautiful spots in which you can make it gorgeous.

You may be dreaming of fresh and serene waters, fine sands and unique landscapes, but these aren’t the only elements that can be taken into consideration…. There’s also the calmness that some of you are searching for; it seems that we’ve got just the right spots in order for you to feel like in heaven. Let’s see exactly some of these places, shall we?

How about the Boracay Island? Does it sound interesting enough to you? Well, this tropical place can be found in the North of the Aklan province, being one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. The landscapes with white sand are the main attraction of this island.

honeymoon - Boracay Island

You can choose the Yapak beach, which is well known for its white shells, there’s also the White beach, with its amazing sunsets or the romantic beach Balinghai. You can find there lots of restaurants with good food, a lot of shops and there’s also the Boracay Butterfly Garden…. All these and some other nice spots that you can visit.
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You can explore a long island, over 7 km on an a motorcycle, or by renting a bicycle from the resort in which you booked, but you shouldn’t make illusions in what concerns the actual size of the island, because it’s really vast. You can visit interesting spots with attractions that you’re going to fall in love instantly. As long as you’re going to make all of these during the warm season, you’re going to get to the conclusion that this is between the most interesting and beautiful beaches in the world.

Be sure that you’re going to read about many other interesting spots in the articles to come and you can be certain that you’re going to find the right place for your honeymoon there. No more to say! We just hope that we could help you in a way or another and if you don’t find this place interesting, maybe you’re going to find the other ones….

Also, it’s recommendable to apply for such spots in case you really want to get relaxed and chilled! You wouldn’t want to freeze in your honeymoon, or would you?