Unforgettable Fiji honeymoon

Fiji is another tropical paradise were you can spend your so expected and deserved honeymoon. I have to admit that after seeing so many islands, beautiful beaches it would be difficult to choose one, but after seeing what Fiji islands can offer I would definitely choose to go there.

Fiji has 300 islands and only 130 are inhabited and I am sure that you will find one that fits with your needs and budget.

The Fijian people are the most friendly people in the world. The best time when you should visit Fiji is from May to October. The restaurants are mostly situated on the beach, so having dinner by moonlight would be like a scene from a film, so how many reasons do you need to spend your honeymoon in Fiji ?

The first hotel that I recommend you is The Great Sea Reef, from Nukubati Private Island, in Vanua Levu, which offers among his services, free breakfast and spa treatment. As leisure time they have motor boats, private boat facilities, sailboat facilities and many others.

Nanuya Levu also known as The Turtle Island is one of the best island from Fiji; it has protected sandy beaches, beautiful blue lagoon and steep volcanic cliffs.

Another amazing hotel is Navutu Resort, on the north side of the Island Yageta. Besides of the private beach, the hotel also offers a restaurant and a lounge, treatment rooms, massages, spa, beauty services and many others.

Wayasewa Island, also known as Wayalailai is the southernmost main Island. It has an important coral reef on its shores and also amazing beaches.

Waya Island has incredible forested hills, lagoons and gorgeous beaches. Here you can find another great hotel which is Octopus Resort, a perfect place to elax and where you can enjoy the local traditions.

I was really excited with Mana Fiji Resort Spa , from Mana Island; is a little piece of heaven. They offer activities like snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing. You can participate in traditional basket weaving, woodcarving and ancient cooking methods.

Whatever place you are going to choose to spend your honeymoon , I am sure that you are going to feel wonderful and you will have some unforgettable days .