2 honeymoon destinations that denote royalty

Sometimes the honeymoon destination that one applies for depends on the wedding theme as well. We have heard numerous cases in which the couples have continued the idea of the wedding in their honeymoon and sincerely we consider it as being a really great idea, as long as it can be adapted to your wedding theme!

For instance, if you have decided to apply for a medieval or royal theme in your wedding day, then you would want something that it is at the level of your expectations, wouldn’t you? We have considered some of these interesting spots for such a wedding theme and maybe you will take them into account. Why not?!

Sea Island in Georgia

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Enjoy the white beaches, serenity and beauty of these spots. This is an area that has a little bit of exotic look but it is also country like in the same time. Not only this, but if you are fond of celebrities and VIPs, where they escape the most, it seems that these areas are ideal for them. In this place, the main spot that you can book in is: the Cloister, which combines a modern look with the royalty you were looking for. Dine in the finest restaurant and enjoy the wines from the subterranean wine cellar.

Sea Island in GeorgiaCredit
Sea Island in Georgia

Besides the normal activities that you do in your honeymoon, which involve relaxing, there is always the option of visiting the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” that is made of oak trees and between the celebrities to come here was the ex- president George W. Bush.

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates

This honeymoon destination is all about grandeur and you know this very well. Of course, if you really want to relax and respect yourself in royalty, this seems to us as the perfect area for doing it. Not only do you have the opportunity of living high class, but in the same time you will observe between the finest spots in this entire world. Besides the extravagant hotels in which you can book with ease, if there is the right amount of money, you also have the possibility of shopping and admire everything that is equal to opulence and gold.

Dubai - Burj Al ArabCredit
Dubai - Burj Al Arab

If you are asking for a top destination in which you can settle, we were thinking of the Burj Al Arab hotel, but this means affording it! If you do succeed to book here, there will be the advantage of using cool towels, Arabian coffee, rose water and only the best services.