Different wedding invitations

If you’ve decided on the wedding day, then you’ve completed many details on the list in what concerns the marriage and you have to share a little bit of the emotion with your dearest ones. You wish that in some years this unique moment remains in the head of your guests as the love story of your parents and grandparents remained in your head. And because your wedding is going to be something special try to confer as much as possible from the playful charm of your favorite story in the wedding invitation!
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Don’t limit yourself at the classic shape of the wedding invitations, covered in an envelope, sent through mail or handed personally. This way of doing things is very common and it transmits very little of the charm of this event. Those that are going to receive them are going to be retaining only the strict aspect: who, when and where.

No matter how spectacular is the design, how attentively you’ve chosen your words, an invitation that looks like a post card and it’s offered in an envelope, it’s not going to be able to transpose your guests in a fairytale atmosphere? Due to the fact that you and your husband are going to be the heroes of that particular night you have the right of attending of attending to a party, which is not going to be take place in three days and three nights as in fairytales. We suggest some of the alternatives of the classical wedding invitations, which blend in a pleasant manner the playful part with the nostalgic air of the fairytales.

The story of wedding invitations starts from the Medieval Period when in the small towns the marriage represented an event to which everybody wanted to participate. Maybe due to this reason they didn’t apply for personalized invitations. The guests were notified in what concerned the event with the help of a person who announced in the main plaza of the town when the wedding was taking place. Later, as the developing of the towns was observed, the wedding invitations were sent personally and in most of the cases these were handwritten, under the format of a deputation.

These were sent through a courier, who besides of offering the invitation personally was replicating the text of the invitation. The moment had a dramatic air and solemn, due to the fact that guests had to feel as important as possible. If you want to transpose such an atmosphere, the invitations made of recycled paper that seem as old as possible and with a ribbon placed around and with a wax seal seems appropriate enough.

From the fairytale wedding you shouldn’t fault humor, even if it’s subtle and stylized in sober shapes. How about a puzzle invitation made of 16 pieces with the picture of the two of you on the background?