Lip treatments 2

Besides the lip treatments mentioned up to this moment we’ve got some other suggestions for you that we’re sure you’re going to enjoy reading about pretty much and it would be a pity for you not to take these into consideration.

So, we start with a lip plumper that comes from the Perricone MD collection. This one makes your lips look great and the appearance of fine lines is going to be diminished.

So, with this particular plumper you’re going to have a nice looking contour, the lines and wrinkles will disappear little by little and the natural color of the lip will be restored. How do you use this product? Well, we recommend you to use it on the lips and around them; you can wear it alone or underneath the lipstick. You can purchase this product around the price of $35 and this is definitely a small price for the health and good look of your lips.
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Cle de Peau Beaute has an effective lip treatment that will sound a good option for those ladies who feel like using a single lip product isn’t enough. This particular treatment looks exactly like a lipstick and makes your lips look gorgeous, healthy and be protected against environmental factors.

You can observe a hydrating formula at the basis of this product, one that restores plumpness and brings the radiance in your lips and even the most affected lips will be helped. Besides the things mentioned up to this moment, we would like to mention also that vertical lines will be eliminated and also the lip will look youthful and soft in the same time. After using this lip treatment you won’t look the same entirely. We totally recommend it and we’re certain that you’re going to remain enchanted of its effects.

If one product doesn’t seem enough to you, then we’re going to suggest a set for lip therapy and it’s a part of the 29 collection. Let’s see exactly what is this set all about, shall we?

First of all, we want to mention that it has at the basis three products: a lip scrub that makes sure that the dead skin over your lips will be removed, the other product is a lip balm and it has the propriety of moisturizing your lips, there’s also the shimmering lip balm that offers your lips a honey scent.

Besides the products mentioned up to this moment we would like also to refer to the other components of this set: the winter white bag with a mirror inside. These will go finely together and you can purchase this amazing set around the price of $98.