Pick Edith Piaf for your Parisian wedding ceremony

Brides and grooms if you are planning a Parisian wedding ceremony, then you must definitely pick Edith Piaf’s songs for your wedding reception. This singer describes best the Parisian life, the French amour and that specific romance. So, if you are determined to plan such a fantastic wedding ceremony, then you must pick Edith Piaf.
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The main point at a wedding ceremony is to expose that sincere romance that connects the bride and the groom. As a result, your wedding reception would be totally embellished if you would focus on this France singer’s songs. It would be like a great charm would have taken over your wedding atmosphere and would have transformed it in a one of a kind fairytale.

Our recommendation for your first dance would be to go for “La vie en rose”. It is a song that expresses the best the couple life, the two lovers’ feelings and so on. Not to mention that, in case you are not an excellent dancer, the fact that this song is very slow will not require a complex choreography.

Pick Edith Piaf for your Parisian wedding ceremonyCredit
Pick Edith Piaf for your Parisian wedding ceremony

Thus, it seems that we have a winner, because this romantic song, perfect for your Parisian wedding ceremony is easy to dance on and a pleasure to listen to.
Another reason why we recommend you Edith Piaf is due to the fact that she is a famous and a glamorous artiste that everyone loves and likes to listen to. Her fame and her great voice will most likely help you organize a successful reception and a sophisticated ceremony.

Also, for your Parisian wedding you will need a French singer. Then, why shouldn’t you pick the best of them all? This is your wedding ceremony and everybody knows that you want the best for this special event then it is only natural to pick this singer. However, it isn’t mandatory to focus only on Piaf’s songs. You could also combine her music with contemporary and modern songs or with another French artists’, such as: Joe Dassin, Julien Clerc, Jean Ferrat; and the list may continue.

However, our point is that you should really focus on Edith Piaf for your Parisian wedding. If you agree with us, then hurry up and listen to her sings, in order pick the melodies you like for your wedding reception.