Wedding Moments to Capture Forever

There are numerous special moments in any wedding ceremony and reception that must be captured and kept forever in your wedding album, or even hung on the wall of your happy home.

Hire a professional to do the job, say an exquisitely romantic, skilled, and alert Vittore Buzzi photographer, and all those moments can be preserved in just the right lighting, focus, and angle. And none of them need be missed.

Here are 10 common, but unique, kinds of wedding moments that must be captured on camera, so you can look back on them with fondness and joyful reminiscence in years to come:

1. The Bride With Mom
Often, the bride will choose to get ready in a special location, such as her childhood home, and Mom will most likely be by her side. This is a special mother-daughter time that nothing else quite duplicates, and it should be preserved for you on film.

2. The Bride and Her Bridesmaids
What a happy troupe is the bride surrounded by her bridesmaids! When will the friends you chose to be your bridesmaids all be dressed with such coordination in the same place at the same time to show their respect for you? Surely the least you could do is to immortalize that moment (and send one to each bridesmaid as well).

3. The Bride With Dad
A picture of the bride and the father of the bride walking together up the red carpet toward the groom is essential, but a more private moment of the bride with her dad just before they take those first steps should also be included.

4. The Flower Girls
Few pictures will be as quaint and as cute as that small group of young girl cousins or nieces or whoever you chose to spread flowers in your path as you walk towards your loved one. You can see the excitement on their innocent little faces and the honor they feel in being chosen to be the flower girls.

5. The Groom and His Best Man/Men
A snapshot of the groom with his compatriot bachelors just before he ceases to be one is also a special moment. Don’t overlook groom pictures, for they can be just as moving and important as the bride’s pictures, in a totally different way.

6. The Groom as His Bride Approaches
He may look a little tense. He may be trying to hold his tears unsuccessfully. Or he may be smiling from ear to ear. Everyone reacts a differently, but this reaction absolutely must be captured and included in your album.

7. The Exchange of the Rings
Finally standing together in the very spot, being pronounced man and wife, the groom and the bride exchange rings, symbolizing their commitment to one another “until death do us part.” Both hands shots and face shots of both ring placements should be taken.

8. The Kiss
Just after the preacher ends his verbal duties and just before the crowd (perhaps) erupts into an applause, is time for “the kiss.” It may or may not be the first kiss, but it is always a very special one. This calls for several specific shots: taking her into his arms, the look in their eyes just before they kiss, in full kissing mode, the release, and the look in their eyes after the kiss is over. It’s all important.

9. Leaving in the Wedding Car
It may be in a limousine, or perhaps a car the new couple actually own, waving to the crowd from inside the wedding car (door still open) just before driving off to the reception or to the honeymoon is certainly a moment to be captured.

10. Cutting the Cake
Possibly the most precious reception party picture will be the one where the bride or the groom cuts the wedding cake. Or, it may be of them sitting together ready to eat that first piece of cake in their centrally located “wedding throne.” But don’t let the pictures stop with the wedding ceremony when there is so much at the reception that needs to be “preserved” as well.