Wedding photos

A wedding is one of the most important event in one’s life and it’s obvious that everyone wants to have the most beautiful and realistic, almost like a hyper realistic sculpture, photos.

Very important is to know how to choose the person who will take photos during our wedding.First of all, even though we have few knowledge about a photographer’s equipment, we have to investigate which photographer has what cameras and lens. Second we have to see definitely some of his/her works.

Wedding photos

And, try not to choose only one person to take photos during the wedding because he will miss some details and,if there are important details you will regret not having them captured in your photos. For example, when the bride is throwing the bouquet one photographer can take pictures laying down on the floor and follow the bouquet’s trajectory and the other photographer can take photos from upside.In this way you will have more views of a single moment.
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Another problem is where to take the photos. The location is very important because it can change the whole story of the wedding.A good photographer should create a story and the bride and the groom should play roles.

If the pictures are taken in a park, the story can be simple: a walk , a romantic one, with hugs, kisses and smiles. You have to play with each other, to show love and happiness. And, once again, you have to smile and… never look at the photographer: even forget about him… just walk as relaxed as you can and express love through all your movements.

If you like flowers, you can have your photo session in a botanical garden. The groom can play the role of a gardener, with his pants rolled up and his shirt a little bit rough and the bride can be a princess. The gardener can offer flowers to the princess, observe her moves through the flowers , play with her, run with her among the flowers, catch her and gentle lay on the grass, play with her hair, kiss her…

If you like horses, than the excellent story is the following: the bride is a princess who waits for her Prince Charming . The groom is the Prince Charming who comes riding a horse. After that, the two lovers walk with the horse, rides it.Just imagine how your veil and dress will “act” in the wind… Great imagine!

If your wedding takes place at the seaside, then you can be two shipwrecked lovers who walk on the beach, take a bath, play in the water, roll in the sand… your photos will be very very very beautiful.

Wedding photos2

And don’t worry about the dress… anyway, you won’t wear it a second time, and the pictures worth it. But, if you don’t want to ruin your wedding dress then, you can buy a cheaper one and take the photos the next day.

All these photos I’ve talked about should be taken after the wedding party, but the pictures taken during the ceremony and during the wedding party are also important.

And don’t forget! Stop using classic photo albums! Ask you photographer to make you a so-called “photo-story” ! Good luck!