Money saving tips for the bridal day

No matter how much money you’ve got for spending for the bridal day, there will always be that matter of “there’s so much money left to spend on details”…. That’s how the situation stands when it comes to such a big event and we’re sure that you don’t want to back down and renounce to the different details that you want to purchase for the most incredible day of your life.
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You can always find different way of reducing costs and details and you can do it in such manners, that you just cannot imagine. We’re sure that you can end up with the wedding planning details with a minimum budget. Here are some useful hints on how you can reduce costs and prices for a special bridal day, but not as expensive as you thought it would be….

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Wedding reception

Here’s our first indication: as an alternative you can make the centerpieces out of objects which are not ordinary, such as paper flowers, origami or different type of jewelry. Another great idea would be to place a vintage cup in the middle, made of porcelain and fill it with flowers. These ideas should be kept a secret up to the day of the wedding reception.

Also, we think that it would be a great idea, in order to save some money, to make the wedding reception together with another bride. Of course, this means to find a bride who makes her wedding in the same day as yours. You need to find one that is open for ideas; start shopping together and you can do these in big quantities. In this manner, you’re going to save a big amount of money, the wedding vendors offering you big discounts. Besides these, we can add the details of the wedding invitations and wedding favors.

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Wedding reception

You can save money down to the tiniest detail, as long as you pay attention. Here’s a useful idea: renounce to the expensive fabrics, opt for fine and cheaper materials, such as those made of thick canvas or muslin. Cut them exactly in the shape of the tables with scissors that have wavy margins for saving fabric and costs.

Try to say no to the traditional flower used in weddings, such as orchids or roses. Try an option that will surely revive the ambient, which is based on different plants, garden flowers and unusual details.

Also, don’t buy new utensils for the bridal day or don’t rent these. We suggest you go at an antique shop and choose some that are made in China with tableware that you can clean really easy or glasses made in Mason style. After the wedding, these are going to turn out really useful in the household, as well as in the organized parties.

In order to remain in the collective memory for a long while, we recommend you to create your own elements. Refuse the menus that are placed on the tables in the wedding reception and substitute them with some that are placed at the entrance of your salon. For saving more money, we recommend you to create your own style and details, buy a wooden board that you can paint and with your own hands.

Another great idea would be to make the wedding list. Make sure that you put down only what you and your future husband need for sure, such as the drinks or the food.

A picnic atmosphere can be created easily. Make sure you make a special package for the guests, which can contain delicious sandwiches and tasty appetizers. Present this package into a picnic basket and offer it to the guests at each table. You’re going to see that you have reduced a great part of the costs at the level of catering and serving the guests.

As you can observe, you can cut some costs, even if we’re speaking about food, flower arrangement and the space for the wedding reception. The most important thing is for you to make these reductions and cuts in such a manner as not to affect the original look of your wedding reception and that it still remains personalized and it resembles your personality. In other words, the cuts and price reductions that you do shouldn’t affect the wedding reception in a big scale; this means that you have to do these in such a manner as to mark your wedding as being yours.