Tips for non expensive wedding planning

The bridal day occupies, not only lots of the free time you have, but in the same time it means lots of money spent on wedding planning, buying different assets and the list can continue. As long as you know in due time for what to expect for, there will be no problems involved whenever it comes to wedding planning, wedding budgets and the different costs. Also, there are lots of tricks that can turn out to be really helpful every time we’re speaking about wedding planning and not only!
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As long as you take into account the suggestions and pieces of advice that we have to share with you, there will be no problems in organizing a budget wedding reception, but in the same time really great looking. Think of it on this way: why should you not deserve a honeymoon full of things you deserve, instead of throwing the money on things that are not useful and that cannot be used in the bridal day.

You can save money by changing the wedding day

How this is possible? Well, we were thinking of the fact that you should organize the wedding reception and all of that in a period that seems to be less popular and in which weddings are not that common to be organized. This means making savings and removing some money from the wedding budget and adding this sum to organizing the wedding.

Also, you will have lots to gain if you know how to make negotiations with the wedding vendors. As long as you decide organizing the wedding reception and all the details in a less popular period, the wedding vendors have few things to do and we are speaking about January and November – these are the less common months for organizing weddings.

Believe it or not, but money can be saved with the help of the food that you served your guests with

So, for a budget wedding reception we recommend you to apply for less expensive measures, which include: not wasting anymore and serving cheaper dishes. For instance, there’s also the solution in which you renounce to the waiter, renounce to a specific menu for each table and place the food on a large table, an open one that permits the guests to take only the food they think is appropriate for them. This means that you can choose a Swedish buffet and renounce to the idea of a waiter crawling from a table to another. Also, think of how much food will not be wasted!

The drinks can also be placed in the category of “parts” that can help you in reducing costs. Between the options that you have, we can name reducing the number of bottles for each guest and in this way everybody is going to feel alright – in this way you get rid of dissatisfactions.

Another idea that seems useful for the wedding reception and reducing the budget is to make cocktails that are non alcoholic, they are less expensive and a small amount of alcohol in a drink seems pretty pleasurable than if it’s stuffed with alcohol, don’t you think so?

Save money with the wedding flower arrangements

So, if you want to make savings and you do not know what other “field” to exploit, then we think that the wedding flower arrangements can turn out to be a really great part. How about realizing these with your own hands and with the help of your friends – this can be a really great cooling exercise. Before making up your mind if you want to make these arrangements, you also have to ensure that there’s enough time for doing it.

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Tips for non expensive wedding planning

Another cheap idea for a budget wedding reception is to take seasonal flowers, these are less expensive and you pass through all the import costs, a big plus for you. Using the same flowers in the bridal bouquets means another way of reducing costs and also, let’s mention that ordering a bigger quantity of flowers will also permit you to pay a smaller amount of money.

Wedding invitations and wedding favors

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Tips for non expensive wedding planning

Make your friends work and see what talents they have by realizing the invitations and the favors. Many brides pick this option only for the idea of offering the guests something that has a personal touch, but it’s a really good option in case you want to reduce the costs and end up with a non expensive wedding.

These wedding planning tips will turn out to be pretty useful in the end, you’ll see….