Organizing weddings depending on the season

Among the details that are related to religion, family tradition and personal preferences, in the moment when you occupy yourself of the wedding planning details, you also have to keep in mind the season in which it takes place – because you can have some help from the side of the natural surrounding elements and different other details and in this manner you end up winning. So, the option is to well establish the budget of your wedding and make sure you make up your mind on the preferences that you may have for a certain season.
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We’re going to start with speaking about the options that you can have when it comes to making the wedding reception and the wedding entirely, based on the moment in the year in which you decide to organize the wedding.

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Wedding reception

First of all, we would like to take into account the May period of the year in which weddings are most common to take place. This means to rejoice and use as much as possible the abundance of spring flowers for the pieces of décor and ornaments and also the holiday atmosphere that only this season has to offer – organizing a fabulous event in this manner.

Apply for an open air wedding or at least an event that takes place in a salon that has an exterior terrace for holding a part of the reception there.

We think that it’s more useful to take into consideration an open air wedding venue, it’s comfortable in this way and your guests will be more relaxed than in other occasions. Also, this is probably why all the weddings take part in this season and fewer in the rest of the year.

A summer wedding can seem an interesting idea, but in the same time it can turn out to be too hot to resist for some of your guests and even for you if you are not dressed in an adequate manner.

So, before taking into account the option of a summer wedding, we sincerely think that you need to take into account all the risks that involve such an event.

Also, a summer wedding is equal to color and glitter. We advise you to use orange tones, yellow and green as well as pink – these are equal to life and joy. In the same time, we push you to make daring colors that will surprise the wedding guests. In what concerns the flowers, you have a big range of possibilities for which you can apply for; summer offers you a large variety of blossoms and in a multitude of colors! We were thinking of combining peonies with lilies and in this manner you offer a tone of novelty and you won’t be predictable as the ones who use roses are….

There is another season in the entire year in which brides would rather organize their wedding, one in which there are used warm tones and colors, as red, orange and brown. We suggest you to apply for a warm range of colors and use flowers that are specific to fall or ornaments made of classic flowers, such as roses. In what concerns the rest of the salon, we suggest you take into account a pattern that is elegant with a chromatic scheme in tones of grey or beige. Keep in mind that this year is all about vintage elements that recall of the 20s.

The last and final season that has remained to be discussed is the winter season. We have observed lately how more and more brides choose to make their wedding reception and ceremony during the coldest season of the year due to the fact that they want to be special or simply because they have money problems. There are people who adore the idea of winter and so they would rather do it in this period of the year. Also, you can be sure that the bill for the wedding reception salon will be minimum; the other problem that you might encounter is for the bill for the wedding flower arrangements. Think of a wedding that is elegant, full of glamour and charm. When it comes to the textures, we recommend taking into account velvet, rhomb patterns or fur and for an extra effect use crystals in as many occasions as it is possible.

As you can observe, each season has its special way of being represented through colors, patterns, flowers and textures….