You’ll Wish Hired a Wedding Planner

Everyone has their idea of a dream wedding – whether that’s small and simple or a huge extravagant production. While you may have just gotten engaged, I’m sure your dream wedding has been something you’ve been thinking about for a very long time. Even if you think you know how you’d like every detail of your wedding and think you can do it all yourself, its best to hire an experienced wedding planner to help you along the way. This is a special day that you, your future husband, and all your guests will remember forever. Hiring an experienced wedding planner will ensure that you remember your big day as a fun celebration, not a day filled with stressful coordination. Plus, your wedding planner will help you get the best rates on vendors, make sure you don’t forget any of the little details, and oversee the run of events day so you don’t have to!

Be a Guest with Your Guests

Without a wedding planner, you will drive yourself crazy making sure everything goes as planned. Is the music playing? Is the food going to come out on time? Will the DJ announce our grand entrance? Who will get the guests from the cocktail reception to the seated dinner? These are all moments you should be ENJOYING not worrying about. This is YOUR day. You should be enjoying the party as much as your guests and spending time with all your loved ones who are there to celebrate YOU! Let your wedding planner handle the nitty-gritty details from table cards to floral arrangements, to music, and everything in between.

Remember, you still have control

There is a common misconception that when hiring a wedding planner, you do not have control of the wedding. That is not true. Your wedding planner is there to help you and collaborate with you, not steal the show and do it their way. Experienced wedding planners will have tons of tips, tricks, and advice for you, but you still have the final say. If there are aspects you want them to fully take care of, they will take those duties off your hands. If there are aspects you want to be hands-on with, they will help you accomplish whatever needs to be accomplished. Communication is key when working with a wedding planner. Just let them know what you want and they’ll make it happen!

They will guide and support you

Often times, brides and grooms worry that their guests will not enjoy the wedding. Remember to use your wedding planner as a collaborative partner. They are experts in all things weddings and have likely been too far more weddings than you have. Bounce ideas off each other and ask for honest advice in areas your not sure about. They will make sure that your ideas are executed in ways that work well and your guests will love.

You will enjoy your wedding day

This is probably the number 1 reason to work with a wedding planner. It’s your big day – ENJOY IT! You do not want to spend your time worrying about accepting deliveries and making sure the floral are arranged perfectly. Leave all of that to your wedding planner. Your only task is to enjoy the day and not worry about a thing!