unique bridal shower ideas
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Throwing A Wedding Shower in Heart Touching Style

unique bridal shower ideas
Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/227502218650247227/

After the date of wedding is announced, here comes the time to arrange wedding shower for the bride to be for showering gifts, blessings and best wishes on her. The maid of honor, co-maids or sisters can host the small party at home or some other venue to gather with family members, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. You can decide to keep the party just for females or according to the dedication of the bash only for the bride or for couple. You need to take some provisions into account to plan and manage an elegant and well-organized party. Budget and layout are two relevant things that can make your best buddy feel loved and valued. Deciding theme of the party can give you relief from many issues as you can built the whole party around the main idea of theme. Here are some unique and fashionable ways to throw wedding bash as bride’s maid to give a heartwarming graciousness to your lovely friend.

Yoga bash

If your bride to be friend is mad about yoga and also need to be a bit more toned then it would be best option to give her a treat of yoga lesson on wedding shower. Hire a professional yoga instructor and arrange a class like layout for the party to have exciting yoga fun. Let your friends know that they have to wear training suits for the shower. You need to build the food corner with healthy foods, snacks, cocktails and natural juices to serve your guests according to yoga theme.

yoga bridal shower
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Floral shower

Flowers are most sensational and soothing elements to convey your emotions, loving gestures and best wishes on any kind of occasion. They simple make the event extraordinary with colors and aromas of nature. You can plan your party theme just by using exuberant flower arrangements and decor made by you and co-maids for the honorable bride. Garlands, flower crowns, hand bracelets and fascinating bouquets can be easily made by hand to share with guests on the shower.

floral bridal shower
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Canvas Party

Making special efforts on the wedding shower for the valued buddy is the main objective of arranging a unique event for the occasion. You can try out rare ideas to carry out the fashionable touch in simple settings to make the bash unforgettable ever for your friend. Canvas theme party would be more active and enjoyable for all the participants to make small personalized canvases for with sole wishes for the lovely bride to be. At the climax, you can also plan to gift the bride with large canvas prints of friendship memoirs for stupendous wedding shower. Colorful flowers and pom-poms are ideal to decorate the venue in limited budget and turn out plain area into intricate site. Food and beverages can be mix and match with mutual choices of all the friends.

unique bridal party ideas canvas art
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Spa special

Spa is another excellent theme to be followed on wedding shower arranged by close friends. A bride cannot want anything better then exclusive spa treatment and body scrub right few days before her big day. You can treat your precious friend together with best spa and beauty treatments to make her look polished, elegant and shinning on the day of wedding. All the guests and invitees can also indulge in beautification by using small arrange baskets of beauty products for each.

spa theme bridal shower
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Cheesy wine delight

To enjoy the delicious tastes with your dearest friend by cherishing all the good times you have spent together, you can arrange a cheese and wine tasting wedding shower for the bride. Sophisticated wine shots and blocks of diverse cheese can make up your menu perfectly. It would be more fun and joy to share and comment about your favored flavor of cheese and wine. In the same way you can also make out a theme of wedding shower with cake and chocolate tasting for chocoholic bride.

bridal shower food
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