Skin care products

We all know that we should take care of our skin and that’s a really important thing. Between or internal organs, our mind and other interior parts and the exterior environment lays the skin. It’s a very important part of our body, it’s the largest tissue and it weighs a lot.

During summer time we protect our skin from sun burns, we offer it protection with tanning lotion, but we know it looks so good after it’s in contact with the sun! it’s healthy to loose our exterior side of the skin once in a while. One can recall the itches and scratches you feel when it is going to “disappear”.

When it’s cold outside we protect our skin with different lotions and moisturizers! We assure ourselves that we protect it from the rough temperatures by hydrating it, because it may get an unwanted aspect if you don’t take care of it properly!

From once in a while it’s great to take cold shower because it helps your skin to get freshen up! It’s really true that really hot water makes your skin degrade and become older, so try to do showers and baths with warm water! It’s better in this way! Oh, and another fact is that if you want to loose some centimetres you can do this exercise: alternate hot and cold water on your skin during baths and showers and you’ll see the effect!

Ladies we present to you, besides all the pieces of advice above, some moisturizers and other products you may want to know about and that are designed for every type of skin, especially dry and greasy skin.

You have a moisturizer that helps the greasy skin to look fresher and your complexion won’t reflect or be shiny anymore, the sebum will be absorbed completely! Say goodbye to dark points, your skin will be hydrated, and smooth! This lotion is great as make-up basis, before you apply the make-up foundation, or you can renounce to it completely if you want to!

You have also a soap that purifies your skin completely; it also prevents the dark spots! This soap can be also used on the cleavage, neck and the back in order to prevent acne! You can say also goodbye to the bacteria, because it helps your skin become healthier and cleaner.

We present you also a lip balm with a nice flavour designed especially for dehydrated and sensitive lips. This product contains vegetal oils and vitamin E! Your lips will look greater and you’ll feel the difference after you use this product! Softer and hydrated lips, who doesn’t want them?