Face cleansing products

Taking care properly of your complexion is a basic thing in order to look great and to have a nice face that inspires youth and beauty in the same time. We struck by a line of products for cleaning the visage and we assure you that it’s great and you should consider in buying similar products if you don’t rely on these….

We start with the cleansing gel, which helps every skin to get purified and get rid of unwanted fragments. This gel helps the dry and the normal skin in the same time. With this gel applied on your face you can be sure that make-up, dust and other stuff are eliminated and you don’t need to rub harshly your skin in order to obtain this result.

Your skin will be finer and will feel soft at touch; it doesn’t contain alcohol or detergent ingredients. This product used on the skin is like caressing your complexion!

The next product we’re going to deal with is the cleansing lotion, which has the similar proprieties with the product presented above. This product works also for removing the excess of sebum, that’s what’s different from the other one …

The cleansing foam has as basic ingredients algae particles and it will certainly make your skin look shinier and thin. Your skin will be refreshed and nicely when you touch it! It’s best to use the product daily in order to obtain great results: nice skin, shiny, really smooth and also healthy in the same time!

We also mention how you have to use it: put the foam on your skin and begin to rub it in circular movements, you can wash the foam over your face only when from green it becomes white! After this you can wash your face with warm water and in addition give some extra splashes to your face in order to make it fresher!

The next product we’re going to mention about id the cleansing fluid, which is made especially to clean your skin from that unwanted make-up that always remains in the eye area more specifically! Yes, those shadows around the eyes formed by mascara, because it seems it doesn’t want to disappear from there. What’s so great about this product is that when it is in contact with water it transforms from oil to a lotion. It has at the basis algae ingredients and it will leave your face cleaner and softer!

The final product we want to talk about is the tonic! The tonic is a product that you need to have in your bags all the time! It helps your skin so much! It is a vital step between the cleaning process of the make-up and the final one, when you offer your skin deep treatments with moisturizers. Your face will be soothed and really toned, you’ll immediately get rid of extra quantities of sebum!