Getting rid of pimples and zits

When it comes to pimples everybody gets horrified when they hear about these! It`s normal to have them in a certain period of your life and if they may appear once in a while, it`s also ok, because you`re going to hear now some tricks of covering them or maybe getting rid of them!

So, girls may have some zits once in a while, in that harsh period of the month! But what should they do if these appear exactly when they have to go to an important meeting or date! Well, it`s not hard at all! Make sure you`ve creamed all your face and after apply soma make-up foundation, if it isn`t covered yet, make sure you apply some powder and you`re ready to go!

The ultimate thing you can do if it really doesn`t disappear is to apply some eyeliner in that area and make yourself a sexy mole! If it`s a new person you`re going to meet, it won`t ever notice that you`ve manufactured yourself a mole!

If you feel your pimple there, and it doesn`t burst you can give it a hand and also “exterminate” it! Apply some toothpaste and it surely is going to burst, or even when you`re under the shower maintain some seconds hot water on that zone, it may be not so healthy for the complexion, but it helps your pimple a lot! You`ll see after the shower that you can easily get rid of that pimple! Make sure that after this, you apply cream on your face and from the lines above you know how to cover the marks remaining from it!

Many say that isn`t good to touch the zit too much because you may get extra ones! It`s kind of true, because these can appear from the bacteria you have on your hands! So, make sure you don`t keep your hands too much on your complexion, because you can produce yourself some unwanted pimples!

Also, you can apply for abrasive soaps or creams! The sandy fragments from those creams and soaps help your complexion to be purer and it may also reveal some unwanted pimples that were hidden! Let`s say that through using these things you`ll get also rid of dark points that usually appear in the nose area, which is wonderful and you`re complexion will look so shiny and nice! Make sure you apply some moisturizer on your face and hydrate it well!

Another way is to make an infusion with tea (any kind of tea)! After you`ve made some tea put your face over the steams and cover your face with a towell! Stay there as much as you can, make sure you wash your face with cold water, to freshen up your skin! You`ll look shiny and nice and certainly the unwanted pimples will disappear under the hot steam!