Zits and acne

Nobody likes the idea of acne or zits, well it’s a cruel truth that most of us face once in a while, or maybe all the time as our complexion doesn’t seem to be helping at all! What are the causes of zits? Why some of us have acne and others don’t? What products help us to avoid, prevent and treat zits? Did you know that avoiding some food products can help you avoid zits? Here are only some things that are going to be mention in the lines to come….

Zits are those unpleasant bumps that usually appear on one’s complexion, most commonly in the fat areas, such as the chin, the nose area and the forehead! Those that have these bumps in an exaggerate manner, mean that they have acne, and it’s kind of a disturbing thing, because acne, if it’s not treatments well can leave unpleasant marks on your face! So, if you see beginning from the puberty period that you have numerous bumps (zits) on your face it means you can go and consult a dermatologist and he’ll give you a good treatment! So, if you have acne it means that you have some hormonal problems and a fat complexion, the problem is going to be resolved in time with the help of a good doctor and good products and medicines!

If you don’t like zits on your face, and no one doesn’t like them, it’s true, try using a special gel in the affected area and do some masks, wash properly your face in order for it to be clean and soft! There are numerous product especially designed to treat zits and you can find them on the market, you can try each one to see what product suits your skin and complexion the most!

Another idea is to avoid chocolate, coffee and coke, these products, beside not being that healthy, have some substances that make the zits appear roughly and if you avoid these products and sweet aliments in particular, you surely will get rid of zits! Another aspect is to avoid staying in the smoke of cigars, or smoke in general, not only does it affect your skin and make it unpleasant but it also “helps” the zits to appear!

Teenagers aren’t the only targets of the zits, adults may have zits from a time to another, depending on what they’ve eaten and if they have a normal complexion type, it’s normal for a zit to a appear once in a time!

A good solution for zits to burst and to exterminate them more easily is to apply some toothpaste in that particular area and certainly you’ll get rid of it! After you’ve exterminated the zit you can apply some make-up foundation to cover the trace of the grotesque “happening”!

Zits aren’t such a tragedy, we all have them; we just need to know how to treat them and avoid for new ones to appear!