Choosing the DJ for your wedding day

There are so many things that you can do before deciding on a DJ to play at your wedding that you just can’t imagine. You may think that it is a simple task. Well, we inform you that it isn’t quite in this way and that in the future time you’re going to have to take all the steps that we’re going to indicate here in order to have a successful wedding reception where the music is the essential thing. Also, we indicated you some time ago a number of wedding songs and we hope that you suggest these to the future DJ hired for your wedding.

Before thinking of the appropriate DJ for your wedding think of what you’re expecting from him: music style, genre and so on. So, think of our lists of wedding songs and we’re sure that you have where to choose from….

choosing the DJ for your wedding day

Ok, after you’ve made up your mind with the type of music and what exactly you want to hear in your wedding day, jump to asking for references when it comes to the DJ. You may talk with some friends and ask for some suggestions, if they don’t know something for clear you can always apply for browsing on the internet and searching for new stuff there, but do this after you convince yourself that no one knows something for clear.
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If you made up your mind on one DJ then it’s perfect! You can always apply for meeting the DJ in person; this is an essential thing when you hire someone to play music at your wedding day! Of course, you have to meet all the people that you’ve hired to take care of your wedding: tell them what you’re expecting from them and also the payments and so on….

Another thing that you have to do after you meet with the DJ is to discuss exactly your wedding playlist and what would you like to hear from his hands. Also, you have to look for flexibility: he might propose you a playlist of his own, but explain to him what would make you and your beloved one jump and cry in the same time.

Besides your favorite songs that can be pretty old, there is some new stuff that mustn’t be absent from your wedding: like popular songs from the period in which your wedding takes part or will take part. The DJ has to be up to date when it comes to new music and you have to ask him to bring new tunes and fresh songs: it’s an essential thing when it comes to a successful wedding.

The last tip that concerns choosing the DJ for your wedding day is related to his professional status. Make sure that he isn’t an amateur and that he won’t ruin your wedding: you can always dot his thing online with a short click and by typing some keys! Ask him about his background and see if it corresponds with what you find online.