Top 10 wedding songs

It’s very hard to choose the top 10 wedding songs but we’ve got some ideas that are going to make up your mind and end up with some great songs and not only. The first dance is also special and it matters on what particular song it happens. These being said, let’s mention that you have to search carefully and attentively for the most listened and adored songs in a wedding.

We had some suggestions throughout the time and we think that these were useful in a way or another. We come back with this subject and bring to you some other interesting examples that are definitely worth to be taken into account.

top 10 wedding songs

We start with offering you some examples of such songs, like the top 10 songs that we propose and you definitely need to take these into account: Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Nevil’s Don’t know much, Al Jolson’s You made me love you, Billy Joel’s Just the way you are, Shania Twain and Bryan White’s From this moment, Ronan Keating’s When you say nothing at all, Elvis Presley’s I can’t help falling in love with you or Love me tender as well as Kiss’s Forever, The Righteous Brothers with the Unchained melody and last but not least is Brian Adams with the song Heaven. These songs were enumerated randomly and we’re certain that you find them interesting and really great as options. Also, we’re certain that you already seen some of these songs in previous lists of ours and it’s not a bad thing to repeat them, because this means that you’re going to know for sure what you want.
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Also, it wouldn’t be bad to add some new songs in this list, songs that have appeared in the last years, it’s a good exercise to introduce variety in weddings and give it a more modern touch. We hope that the pieces of advice suggested here are really useful to you and that you consider these songs as being the right solutions for top 10 wedding songs.

You can take songs from our list and place them combined with others throughout the wedding and you can use them for different purposes. In fact, you can use one of these songs for the first dance and everybody’s going to be pleased.

The last songs are really important as well and this is like a signal for your guests that it’s time for them to go home. There are numerous variants and options of songs for which you can apply and here’s how we’ve got a great looking list from which you can choose freely; so here are our suggestions: Third Eye Blind’s Never let you go, Anne Murray’s Cold I have this dance, Semisonic’s Closing time, Bill Medly and Jennifer Warners’ I’ve had the time of my life, David Kersh’s Goodnight, sweetheart, Shania Twain’s From this moment on and you have to make up your mind on one of these. Also, Donna Summers’ Last dance and Green day’s Time of your life are good options as well and they need to be taken into account as well.