Hiring a band or a DJ

There is no other form of having fun for a wedding than a hot dance floor. So it’s very important to assure yourself first of all that you have good music at the wedding and in the same time you have to think seriously if you want to apply for a live band or a DJ. We’ve prepared some pieces of advice to share with you and we’re certain that they’re going to seem really interesting….

The money aspect….

Hiring a band or a DJ? The budget is going to be the decisive part. The price of a DJ can get cheaper than a band, but if the idea of a DJ doesn’t tempt you can start negotiating with the musicians or choosing a smaller band.
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Searching for talents….

In order to find out the price of a big band or a DJ, you can start with asking the piece of advice of the owner of the salon and the manager of the location, the friends or relatives. You can consult the manager of your favorite club and bar also, this is also another solution as well.

In order to make a general search, verify the list and the local magazines, or try to apply for an online agency.

The next step is to meet with the potential DJs and bands and you have to ask some questions, like how many breaks they take and how long these are, what kind of music they place at your disposal during the breaks and so on….

Hiring a band or a DJ

Some other questions that you can ask are related to the supplementary hours and how much they cost you, what kind of backup plan they have for you and the equipment and the instruments that you can apply in addition are also important to be known.

Don’t sign anything without following a live act or on video or in person. Pay attention to the quality of the sound, the style, performance and aspect.

Hiring a band or a DJ 2

Choose the songs….

Once you’ve chosen the band and the DJ, choose the songs and the key moments: from entering in the first dance to the last one. Give the band or the DJ a list from which they can observe clearly what songs you want. Or, if you’re not that fancy, create only a list of the songs you wouldn’t want to hear.

Here’s how we would like to share also some of the most popular songs used in weddings, like….

Songs used commonly for the first dance: Shania Twain’s From this moment on, Frank Sinatra’s The way you look tonight, Etta James’ At last.

Popular songs for the father – daughter song: The Temptation’s My Girl, Louis Armstrong’s What a wonderful world, Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t she lovely, Beyonce’s Dady and Madonna’s I’ll remember.

Hiring a band or a DJ 3

Famous songs for the mother – son dance: Kenny Rogers’ Through the years, Billy Withers’ Lean on me, Sam Cooke’s When a boy falls in love, John Lennon’s Beautiful boy.

And here are some famous songs for the last dance: Donna Summer’s Last dance, Billy Joel’s Piano Man, The Beatles’s With a little help from my friends, Guns n’ Roses with Paradise city.